NULL 善济医社成立百万元爱心助学金 - Sian Chay Medical Institution


20日 11月 2020年

Sian Chay Medical Institution established a million yuan charity grant. On November 20, 2020 (Friday), Nanyang Technological University Development Department Executive Director Ms. Lisa Bofen, Nanyang Technological University Development Department Director Li Yuren, and Nanyang Technological University Development Department Assistant Director Chen Zhenxing came to Sian Chay Medical Institution Geylang In the headquarters office, Sian Chay Medical Institution’s Executive Chairman Toh Soon Huat JP warmly received them. Mr. Zhang Yangxing, General Manager of Sian Chay Medical Institution was also present.
Sian Chay Medical Institution will sign a memorandum of cooperation with Nantah University to support the establishment of Sian Chay Medical Institution’s bursary for 100,000 yuan each year (a total of 1 million yuan for a 10-year period). The purpose of setting up this bursary is to assist disadvantaged students of Nantah University. It is hoped that the donation can relieve the financial pressure of the students, so that they can concentrate on their efforts to be admitted to well-known universities for further studies and become the future pillars of society. The 1 million donation to be donated in the next 10 years can help 12-14 students. We expect that in 10 years, the Sian Chay Medical Institution Charity Foundation will reach up to $1 million.
It is hoped that when students enter social work after graduation, in addition to focusing on personal future development and taking care of their families, they can better understand the meaning of charity and actively participate in charity work. Promote the bright idea of ​​”take society and give back to society” through the charity platform, spread the values ​​and beliefs of love, so that people in need around them can get help; shoulder the responsibility of serving the society and assist the development of the country.
Toh Soon Huat, JP, Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, said: “Education affects the family, education affects society, education affects the country, education affects the world, education affects mankind, education affects the universe and nature. Education is good knowledge and positive energy. Professional education is a must. Education conforms to the trend of social development and is a sacred place for cultivating talents. Education is the field of mutual exchange, learning, self-improvement, change, self-cultivation, and understanding of the world.”
A person’s success does not lie in how rich he is, how much he has, how great his rights, how high his reputation; but how much he has done for the society, how many people he helped, how many people have changed, how many people have been His help leads to happiness and health.
Sian Chay Medical Institution is a traditional Chinese medicine charity organization with a century-old history. Sian Chay actively promotes the five values ​​of “Tolerance, Great Love, Compassion, Gratitude, and Blessing”, and promotes “A country can lead to a family, and family harmony leads to prosperity. Sian Chay believes that the country is in the same place, and the people are in one heart.
We also call on kind people from all walks of life to assist Sian Chay, further expand the medical institution’s purpose of serving the public, promote the spirit of the medical institution to serve the public, share Sian Chay’s warm services with people around them, and jointly irrigate and promote this society enterprise. I look forward to everyone working together to contribute to the charity! I also hope that you will share the charitable Chinese medicine services of Sian Chay Medical Institution with relatives, friends, neighbors and the general public in need! Sian Chay Medical Society is doing its best to serve them and let love warm them!