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27 Dec 2016







我本身觉得这很好的配合了教育部所注重教育的一方面,我们要像孩子灌输良好的价值观,希望他们在生活当中可以体现以德为先的精神,学生和年轻一代可以与善济、行善者或机构一起同行,共同传承:“有国才有家,家和万事兴;善与国同在,济与民同心”的信念。 这样以来,我们能向年轻一代传递行善的理念,将这些价值观根植于心,让我们为身为新加坡人骄傲,为我们的国家骄傲。同时也为新加坡的明天带来更多爱的力量,相信这股力量可以感染更多的国人,使得他们积极行善、回馈社会,共同为美好的家园共同努力,创造一个更幸福更和谐的新加坡的社会。




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Very good evening to all of you. My parliament colleague, Mr. Heng Chee How, SPMO. And Mr. Toh Soon Huat of Sian Chay, staff and management of Sian Chay, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m delighted to be here today, even though it has been a long day. I walked into this room, see the generations of good work. It warms the heart. And especially for something like this, is not just one on occasion, but Sian Chay has been assisting since 1911. So there has more than 100 years of good work done in Singapore. Sian Chay has been providing free TCM consultation, and low cost medicine, as you have heard, to many many of fellow Singaporeans and communities, regardless of race, regardless of social or economic status, regardless of religion.

And if I’m not mistaken, Sian Chay has served over a million people till today. Good job! And with Dr. Toh Toon Huat, at the helm. Since 2008, Sian Chay has gone big advance in developing TCM at low cost to residents. As you have also seen, Sian Chay has gone to 12 TCM branches now and will expand further to 15, including one in Punggol North. I’m told, Sian Chay at this point of time, serves a daily average of more than 1000 patients.

Really, really making a big difference to many people in our society. So it warms my heart, to see that. But I didn’t know that Soon Huat will list up all the different donors. Looking at not just the good work of Sian Chay, but looking at the generous donations from everybody, Including many of you in this room.

Well, it urges well for us Singaporeans to the building of our society. Each of us doing our part, no matter how big, how small. If you are wealthy, with the generosity, donations. And regardless of your youth, I know there are students here that I met them just now. I don’t know where you are seated. Secondary students, boys and girls, learning to do good now, internalizing the values, that will make all of us proud to be Singaporeans, proud of our country.

So, well, it will be a well night spent. It warms the heart. And proud to be Singaporeans, proud to be here, to celebrate Sian Chay’s accomplishment. So thank you very much for the good work!

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