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《Care and Share》

24 Jan 2017

《Care and Share》

——Director showing concern to patients at Marsiling Branch

January 14, 2017 (Saturday)


Sian Chay organised various activities to promote the awareness of the Wellness Lifestyle, Blissfull Living as well as advocated the five core values, which are Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing, and the commitment of Nation Building, Social Harmony. Sian Chay actively promotes the concept that ‘Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours’. Forward with the Nation and Bonding with the People.

——Mr. Toh Soon Huat

On 16th January at 8am, Mr. Toh Soon Huat, BBM PVPA, Chairman of Sian Chay, and Directors including Vice Chairman Mr. Keak Lai Heng, Director Mr. Chua Swee Wah, Mr. Anthony Aiw and Ms Michelle Lu Yanping, accompanied by PR manager Mr. Wang Hui, visited Sian Chay Marsiling branch to show their concern for the patients and staff.

Chairman Toh shared with the patients who were waiting in line: “We need to thank Mdm Halimah, Speaker of Parliament, for her great support in the establishment of this TCM clinic at Marsiling and commencement of TCM services. There are quite a lot non-Chinese residents in this area. We should be harmonious, interactive and friendly, working together to operate this TCM clinic. I also hoped that residents can help to distribute Sian Chay brochures so that people in the vicinity who needs help will be assisted. For the convenience of the elderly and needy residents to live a blissful life.

An uncle with glasses said excitedly: “I am uneducated, but your sharing has been a blockbuster. I know that you and the Directors are all volunteers. You are great! I benefited a lot from the treatment from Sian Chay. The TCM staff, tuina therapists, physicians…everyone is very careful to take care of us. I sincerely thank you.”

Ms. Huang, a 76-year-old lady sitting in a wheelchair waiting for physician, told Chairman Toh that she knew Sian Chay from very young age, as her mother’s home was at Bencoolen St. She also said: “It was like a dream that Sian Chay set up branch in my neighbourhood. Moreover, it’s free of charge.” She kept saying “Sian Chay is great! Physicians are great!”

During the communication with Ms. Huang, Chairman Toh thought that there had been too many past messages and moving stories forgotten by people. He arranged for the local famous author Mr. Li Long to interview Ms. Huang and hoped that she could share more stories about Sian Chay.

The sharing finished at around 9:30am. Chairman Toh and Directors waved goodbye with patients.