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(中文) 《光明同行》

24 Oct 2019

This morning at 9.30, Chairman Toh Soon Huat interacted with more than 40 Sian Chay brand ambassadors at Salesworks headquarters. Chairman Toh said: Every start is a process. We must have self confidence and not give up easily. We must dare to challenge difficulties. Change yourself, remind yourself, make yourself brighter and better, make your life better, and impact everyone around you; don’t tell others how you make money, tell others how you use money; make ordinary things extraordinary, make the impossible possible.
Chairman Toh also shared his business success experience and what he gained today from philanthropy.
Brand ambassadors said: Through the exchanges with Chairman Toh, everyone has benefited a lot…
Sian Chay Brand Ambassador represents Sian Chay Medical Institution to promote the Sian Chay spirit throughout Singapore, arouse the public’s awareness of charity, encourage everyone to donate to charity, support Sian Chay Medical Institution Community, and allow Sian Chay through its free medical consultation and low-cost medicine and treatment services help the pioneer generation and more needy people
Finally, I would like to thank the Salesworks team’s Sian Chay brand ambassadors for their participation and dedication to the charity cause of Sian Chay Medical Institution. Let us work hand in hand to give people warmth, happiness for charity.
With gratitude and blessing!