bool(false) (中文) 《新加坡易缇秀爱心慈善晚宴》——人力部长林瑞生先生致辞 - Sian Chay Medical Institution

(中文) 《新加坡易缇秀爱心慈善晚宴》——人力部长林瑞生先生致辞

28 Jul 2017

For any organisation, the increase the number of beneficiaries from a few thousand a year to a few thousand hundred a year. It’s a mission impossible. However here in Singapore, one organisation managed to turn the mission impossible into mission possible, and that organisation is Sian Chay. The reason why Sian Chay is able to achieve what other organisation are unable to do so. It’s because its passion, its commitment, but most importantly its value.

With the strong leadership of Mr Toh, and together with all the staff, all the volunteers, and the generous donors who are presenting tonight make Sian Chay was able to turn mission impossible to possible. Yes Sian Chay is a charity worked for more than one hundred years. It’s quite a long way. However, there’s still a long way ahead of you, maybe another one hundred years. Therefore, on behalf of Sian Chay, on behalf of the government of Singapore, I’d like to thank you all for your contribution, your passion, and for your generous donation. Because of what you’ve done, Sian Chay is able to save many lives in Singapore, and change their lives better. Thank you very much.