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(中文) 会长陈奕福为善不计得失

17 Jan 2021
On January 17, 2021 (Sunday), Shin Min Daily News published that “SFCCA President Tan Aik Hock Does Not Count Gains And Losses In Doing Charity.”
Some people do charity for fame and wealth, but there are also many who do not ask for return. Tan Aik Hock uses the 17 characters in the “Tao Te Ching” to encourage everyone to do good with sincere kindness.
President of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations Tan Aik Hock has an enriching life experience, ranging from delivering newspapers to selling insurance, and then becoming an oil product dealer. Perhaps it is these experiences that give him a greater impetus to give back to society and his fellow clan members.
Speaking of the motivation to do good, Chen Yifu finds it necessary to mention a phrase in “Tao Te Ching”: ” A superior virtue is virtue; an inferior virtue is no virtue. “
In the interview, Tan Aik Hock explains the meaning that people with a noble morality do not care about gains and losses. These people only do good because it is right and not seek to be remembered. Only these who do not seek gains and losses have true virtues. . Conversely, if you do good to be remembered, you will also care about the reward, then you miss the original purpose of doing good.
Tan Aik Hock said frankly that there are indeed some people who do good for the sake of fame and fortune, but there are also many people around who silently contribute towards helping others. To Tan Aik Hock, only by not seeking rewards can the real happiness in doing good last because putting aside fame and fortune while doing good can last.
During the pandemic, many associations under the SFCCA umbrella with stronger financial capabilities used different ways to give warmth to those in need. This impressed him deeply. At that time, many front-line personnel felt very tired fighting the pandemic, so everyone got together to raise funds to buy herbal tea and comfort food for these personnel.
“I think this also inspired others. We have also seen more groups initiated by volunteers who reached out to help the different segments of society. It is precisely during this pandemic that we see more goodness and beauty of the human soul.”
Speaking of the pandemic, Tan Aik Hock had a particularly unforgettable incident last year on January 23, when the first case of covid-19 disease occurred in the country. Tan Aik Hock explained why he was so impressed, because that day also happened to be the first day of ” River Hongbao”. Tan Aik Hock, who was also the Chairman of the event working committee, said that the guest-of-honour who came for the opening that day was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat. Once the opening day programme ended, DPM Heng Swee Keat had to rush back for a meeting. Subsequently he saw the government’s series of anti-epidemic work results.