bool(false) (中文) 生命的意义 ——俐燕女士到访善济医社有感 - Sian Chay Medical Institution

(中文) 生命的意义 ——俐燕女士到访善济医社有感

24 Jan 2019

Today, I met the Singaporean philanthropist, Chairman Toh Soon Huat at Sian Chay Medical Institution. I have been deeply touched by every sentence in his book. He said that, “It is very simple to live for oneself, but it is difficult to live for others.” These are really great and touching words.

He said that – We should live in our own lives instead of living in others, following the crowd without self opinion. This sentence reminded me of tmy past ! We can never be the protagonists in other people’s lives, but we must be the protagonists in our own lives. We must focus on ourselves and influence ourselves in our own lives!

He said that everyone is from living to life and then from life to living. – We all have our own lives, but the meaning of life seems to be more worth pursuing.

I was very impressed when I heard this sentence. Pursuing the meaning of life does not have much to do with how much wealth you have. Previously, I couldn’t enjoy the present moment every day, fearing the future, and I did not know what life was, not to mention pursuing the meaning of life. Now, I am not as rich as before, but I am very happy to be alive, because I am not just living for survival, but for the meaning of life. I learned quantum transformation and turned over my life and found the real me, as well as my own value and the inner peace with joy. Therefore, I would like to share this course with you. If you also feel it useful, my heart will be filled with infinite joy and blessing.

As Jiabao said, “If the focus of human consciousness will only stay at the level of (living), not (the meaning of life), it will be very basic and the cognition of life will be (pain) (suffering) (bitter). This is because the focus of consciousness is only on the level of (living). As long as you can start to realize that you are not only staying at this level, it will be the first step to embracing joy in your heart.

The value of the soul lies in the realization of the “who I am” after bringing joy to other souls without asking for any return.

Gratitude to Chairman Toh’s sharing

Gratitude to the blessing of the universe!

#Thanks to all the teachers, gurus, benevolent people, and the souls who helped me in my life. Thank you for meeting everyone , your blessings, guidance and sharing. Thank you for the well wishes and the infinite love. All encounters in this life, are actually a long-awaited reunion.

Infinite love and gratitude, returning to spiritual peace