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Checking the facilities and equipment of the branches

28 Mar 2020

Yesterday morning, Chairman Toh Soon Huat and HQ management staff visited Sian Chay’s 610 Geylang Road mainbranch, 535 Geylang Road branch and 692 Geylang Road Branch. Apart from checking the facilities and equipment of the branches, Chairman Toh also interacted with patients with greetings. He also specially told the physician in charge and staff of the branch to pay close attention to the rule of no more than 10 visitors in the clinic at any time and placing sanitisers at frequent points of contact. Staff must pay attention to hygiene of individuals and the working environment, maintain safe distancing of 1 metre and hopes that the branch staff can come in earlier in the morning to turn on the air purifier and sanitize the equipment and tools used. He also suggested that “all should encourage Pioneer Generation residents and those in need to come to our clinics for consultation, for health care, improving immunity and strengthening physically so that society benefits.”