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Ms. Zhou Pan Appointed As Benevolent Ambassador of Sian Chay Medical Institution

06 Mar 2020

Ms. Zhou Pan Appointed As Benevolent Ambassador of Sian Chay Medical Institution
Friday, March 6, 2020

On the morning of March 6, Chairman Toh Soon Huat appointed Ms. Zhou Pan, founder of Singapore FOZL Group as Benevolent Ambassador at Sian Chay’s headquarters.

For a long time, its founders Huang Zelin and Zhou Pan have been very keen in charity work. Since 2016, she has participated in Sian Chay’s charity work, and she also used her free time to act as Sian Chay Medical Institution’s Wechat platform editor and helped Sian Chay Medical Institution promote its activities. For the past two years, Ms. Zhou has also assisted Sian Chay Medical Institution to raise funds and promote Sian Chay’s spirit of charity.

At the end of 2019, Mr. Huang and his wife Zhou Pan donated $2140 to help Chairman Toh Soon Huat to print 1000 copies of the “Cherish Life, Appreciate Life” book. This year, they helped to print the books again, and they also called on their relatives and friends to support and spread the spirit of charity.

Huang Zelin said, “As a century-old traditional Chinese medicine charity Institution, Sian Chay had helped countless low-income patients obtain relieve from their pain and live a happier life. Helping a person will help his family. Sian Chay goes all out for charity to help people in difficulties. Full-time volunteer Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution Toh Soon Huat dedicates himself to Sian Chay’s charity work. His selfless dedication to the charity has touched and moved many people, and positively impacted many people. As volunteers, it is wonderful that we can work together to spread the spirit of charity of Sian Chay. We hope this good work will continue forever.
Ms. Zhou wrote in WeChat Moments: “Thank you Sian Chay for the trust and encouragement I’m very grateful to be appointed as the 83rd Term (2018-2021) Benevolent Ambassador of Sian Chay Medical Institution. With my sincere heart, I will serve Sian Chay Medical Institution, help Sian Chay to provide for medicine for charity, help the poor and sustain the health of the public. This is my commitment. Sian Chay Medical Institution was established in 1901 and never stopped providing TCM for charity for 100 years. Chairman of Sian Chay Toh Soon Huat has been leading his team to advance the spirit of Sian Chay and help many patients and their families in need while promoting racial and social harmony. Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise of societal management with the aim to serve society. Every $10 can help an elderly person in need receive free consultation by its physician and receive low-cost medicine at Sian Chay Medical Institution. You can contribute your effort or money.  No amount of contribution is too small.”

Thanks to the founders of Singapore FOZL Group, Mr. Huang and Ms. Zhou for their kindness and good deeds. I hope that in future, more people with a golden heart will help others in need, so that Sian Chay can help more people.