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Valuable Paintings; But Priceless Love

17 Feb 2020

Valuable Paintings; But Priceless Love

Ten Paintings Donated Out of Love to Sian Chay Medical Institution

Art and Charity Journey Together in Brightness with Mutual Support and Cooperation

Liu Xuanqi loved painting since he was a child. He graduated from the Shanghai Publishing Printing College in 1999 with a major in art painting and design (now renamed the School of Publishing Printing and Design of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology). He settled in Singapore in 2006 and left his design director job to be a full-time artist in 2009. He won the Bronze Award of the 2004 Suzhou Impression International Poster Exhibition, the Bronze Award of the International ARC Awards in 2007, and the Gold and Bronze Award of the International Annual Report Competition in 2008, the “Platinum Award” of the 31st UOB Annual Painting Competition in 2012. He is now a permanent member and council member of the Singapore Art Society.

Since 2010, he has held six solo exhibitions and participated in many international art fairs, such as Art Stage Singapore, Art Taipei, and Art Central HK. His works have been collected by private collectors and public institutions, including UOB and Bank of Singapore Dubai Branch.

On October 13, 2018, he donated two painting works to “The Art of Compassion, an Invitational Charity Art Exhibition by International Renowned Artists” hosted by Sian Chay Medical Institution and co-organized by the Zhenru Culture and the Singapore Art Society for fundraising. Ms. Cheryl Chan Wei Ling, Member of Parliament for Fengshan SMC, Mr. Que Xiaohua, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Mr Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Mr. Terence Teo Chin Keong, President of the Singapore Art Society Mr. Denon Lim Denan from Singapore Association of Writers and his wife attended the event. This year, he again donated another 10 paintings to Sian Chay to continue to support Sian Chay’s charity cause. He hopes that by supporting Sian Chay’s activities, he will bring out the value of love through his paintings and help more people in need.

Regarding these good deeds, he said, “Art gives people a sense of beauty, and medicine gives people hope. In future, we will fully cooperate with the charity activities of Sian Chay Medical Institution to benefit more needy people.”

Sian Chay Medical Institution is a TCM institution. Under the leadership of Chairman Toh Soon Huat, the staff of Sian Chay have been helping the public and giving them hope for life, guided by the core values of “forgiveness, universal love, compassion, gratitude, and blessings”. Sian Chay is also committed to serving the society, regardless of race, religion, and nationality, caring people with compassion, universal love, and respect, and embraces everyone in love.

Finally, our thanks to Mr. Liu Xuanqi and the famous calligraphy and painting masters who have always supported the charity activities of Sian Chay. Your charitable heart will surely touch society, and the donated calligraphy and painting works will be remembered for decades.

Thank you all for your support and participation.