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The epidemic is Ruthless, But Sian Chay Brings Love

19 May 2020

“The epidemic is Ruthless, But Sian Chay Brings Love”

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the epidemic has rapidly spread to more than 100 countries around the world. This has also brought huge losses to the global economy. Each of us is directly or indirectly affected to a certain degree. Singapore has not been spared in this epidemic. Since April 7, the Singapore government has implemented circuit breaker measures. The current circuit breaker will end on June 1.

Since April 7, Sian Chay Medical Institution has provided essential medical services for patients with cancer and chronic diseases. On May 5, acupuncture service was resumed, but only for pain management.

Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution Toh Soon Huat said: “Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise by societal management for social service. Since the government implemented the circuit breaker measures, Sian Chay has been consistently serving residents in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of health, because residents need traditional Chinese medicine, and colleagues are also very cooperative with the work instructions given by management. We are thankful for their efforts during this period! We should support each other, encourage each other and help each other; when we see others suffer, we should arouse our compassion, brightness and responsibility – contribute money and effort when we can, to serve our country and people, and to share weal and woe in overcoming the difficulty. “.

Many kind-hearted people have joined Sian Chay in the fight against the virus. They donated masks, sanitizers, face shields, personal protective clothing and other items to support Sian Chay Medical Institution’s charity cause.

During the outbreak, Sian Chay Medical Institution has asked every staff member to do their work well. Chairman Toh Soon Huat also called on his close benevolent individuals to focus on the elderly of low-income families in rental flats and provide them with assistance in these difficult times. Sian Chay Medical Institution has also actively initiated the following:

  1. Distributed 4060 bottles of Yupingfengsan (liquid form) in Sian Chay Medical Institution to improve body resistance and immunity.
  2. Estimated 100.000 masks distributed to patients and the public.
  3. Donated 10,000 masks, 5 infrared thermometers and $5000 donation to Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple.
  4. Donated $10,000 to Migrant Workers’ Centre fund to assist foreign workers in need.
  1. Donation of $5000 to Shan You for support of food distribution services. To help needy individuals and families tide through economic difficulties, Shan You provides food distribution services. After the collected food and necessities are packaged, they are distributed to the needy monthly.
  2. Donation of $5000 to Willing Hearts: Willing Hearts is a local charity that provides food for people in need, including the elderly, the disabled, children from low-income families, single-parent families and migrant workers. Meals for about 5000 people must be prepared every day and sent to more than 40 locations across the island.
  3. Donated $5000 to a Japanese restaurant: in support of its free meal programme. It provides about 300 meals for lunch and dinner every day, providing the elderly in the Chinatown area with 2 meals per day. (as of 18th May, 9364 meals have been distributed).
  4. Sian Chay also plans to distribute 10,000 bottles of vitamin C to families in need.

Amid the epidemic situation, Sian Chay Medical Institution, works with all to do everything for the benefit of the country and the people no matter how small the thing, and bring love to more people.  This is because we are Sian Chay Medical Institution, we are a social enterprise by societal management for social service as always. Therefore, we look forward to the help of people from all walks of life to support Sian Chay, and further promote the mission of Sian Chay to serve the public. We hope for your participation.

With gratitude!