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Charitable Enterprise Visited Sian Chay Medical Institutiona

25 Mar 2020

Charitable Enterprise Visited Sian Chay Medical Institution

Today (March 25) morning, Mr. Ang Chin Koon PBM, founder and CEO of CK Department Store, and his 8 management staff visited Sian Chay Medical Institution. Chairman Toh Soon Huat was present throughout to introduce the history, growth and challenges faced by Sian Chay to the guests. Both sides also had a positive exchange and discussion on social enterprises.
Mr. Ang Chin Koon PBM is also Honorary Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution and has participated in many charity activities for many years. He is always willing to do good deeds and often provides help to people in need. After learning about the difficulties of Sian Chay, he commited to donate $2.2 million to subsidize the operating expenses of Gambas branch of Sian Chay Medical Institution ($200000 per year for 11 years). $2.2 million donation can benefit 220,000 low-income patients to receive free traditional Chinese medicine consultation and subsisized medicine, tuina therapy and health care services from Sian Chay.

CK Department Store is a neighbourhood department store. Its core business is in clothing and daily necessities. Since its establishment, the company’s focus is on people, a corporate culture it shares with Sian Chay Medical Institution: Social enterprises that serving the general public.

Thanks again to Mr. Ang Chin Koon and his team for their love contribution. At the same time, we welcome more enterprises to join the charity cause of Sian Chay. Please contact Joanne: 97962942 or Amy: 93551866.
Thank you for your kindness! and benevolence.