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28 Oct 2020

Thanks to Ms. Chua for sharing positive energy and brightness through her touching story. Ms. Chua has visited the Marsiling branch of Sian Chay Medical Institution 4 times. Because she fell and sprained her waist, a friend introduced her to Sian Chay. Hence, she decided to consult Sian Chay Medical Institution for treatment. Sian Chay’s physician treated her with TCM acupuncture treatment, her condition obviously improved. Now she can move her waist.

Ms. Chua is a confinement nanny who has worked in Singapore for five years. Her income is not high, so she cannot afford the high medical expenses in Singapore. Whenever she injure herself and unable to work, she cannot afford to see a doctor and resort to applying ointment to recover. Sian Chay’s free consultation and affordable medical services benefites her a lot. Not only that, she also brought her friends to consult Sian Chay. She said, “I am really grateful to Sian Chay. I am extremely grateful. Today, I want to share my story in the hope that Sian Chay, and its charity service can be shared throughout Singapore. ”

Sian Chay Medical Institution has 14 branches islandwide providing free TCM consultation and medical subsidies to the public. Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise under societal management for social service. Thanks to the public for their support and trust in Sian Chay Medical Institution! Please  share this benevolent knowledge. 12/20