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A Special Love Dedicated To A Special You” ——A note on Yesterday Once More Sing Along Concert

27 Oct 2019

A Special Love Dedicated To A Special You”

——A note on Yesterday Once More Sing Along Concert


On the evening of October 27th, the “Yesterday Once More” concert which was jointly produced by mm2 and J Team Productions, was held successfully at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre. Sian Chay Medical Institution invited 1000 elderly people from the community to enjoy this sing along concert.

Twenty groups of artistes sang for 6,000 spectators at the Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. The repertoire of songs sang covered the era from the 1970s to the 1990s, spanning 30 years.

The concert opened with Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Wang Lei and Li Peifen performing an individual opening song and there a solo talk show in between.

Henry Thia, the oldest performing artiste, is not a professional singer. He was also given the heavy responsibility to open the concert. He spoke with a strong voice, but the audience was waiting for him to create “laughter”. When he sang “Midnight Kiss”, he was unable to enter the song well, missed the beat, or else he could not end the song. It was quite a funny scene.

The 65-year-old Marcus Chin was the oldest performer after Henry Thia. He sang the Cantonese song “Family Love”, much like the original singer Roman Tam, lyrics clearly expressed and full of zest. He also sang Danny Chan’s “Treasure The Time Tonight”

The 11-year-old child star Emiliano Cyrus is an “internet celebrity”. He has millions of views on YouTube. He sang the song “Recent Embrace”. He also performed in “Beauty with a Purpose” charity gala.

Hong Shaoxuan and Pan Ying each belted their own Xinyao famous songs,. The melody was beautiful and pleasant to the ears.

Malay artist Suhaimi Yusof performed a challenging song in Mandarin,”A Special Love for A Special You” by Sky Wu and evoked good memories of many people. He also joked that a Malay singing a Chinese song on Deepavali shows we are a harmonious society regardless of race.

Some elderly people in the audience also sang along with the familiar tunes from time to time.

In this regard, Chairman Toh Soon Huat said: “Charity and art walking together for a brighter tomorrow, for universal love and empathy to benefit all.” Music is a most beautiful form of art.  Its essence is true kindness and beauty because it can touch our hearts and senses. It adds vibrancy to life.  While charity is a ray of sunshine to human civilization. It is a powerful force that symbolizes the light of society. In life, art and charity are both indispensable, because music is borderless, and when music encounters charity, it inevitably brings cleansing to the soul, a pleasant surprise to life, and touching moments to life. Positive physical and mental energy is closely related to the health of one’s body. Many senior citizens cannot afford to buy tickets to watch live concerts due to financial problems, We hope to surprise them with the free tickets while letting them learn more about Sian Chay’s free TCM medical services, and enjoying a good weekend!”

Sian Chay Medical Institution has 15 branches throughout the island, serving more than 1,400 patient visits per day. It also sponsors 4 wellness centres helping numerous residents every year. Sian Chay has been recognized and praised by our patients and the general public.

Since its establishment, Sian Chay has been actively involved in charitable activities in the communities to promote health awareness, advocate health activities, and let more non-Chinese residents understand Chinese culture, such as Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations,  Sian Chay also invited elderly residents to performance shows, distributed more than 20,000 cane umbrellas to the elderly, shared more than 5,000 rice dumplings and more than 10,000 boxes of moon cakes with our patients and low-income families, and invited nearly 8,000 seniors to concerts. Sian Chay Medical Institution also arranges part-time hairdressers and volunteers to cut hair for the elderly, invites celebrities to give art courses to the residents to communities, and distributes shopping bags and more than 10,000 goodie bags to low-income families. Sian Chay also actively encourages the younger generation to do good deeds, organises volunteer teams, and assists new immigrants to integrate into the local culture.

Sian Chay Medical Institution is a social enterprise, operated by the society and always serving the society. Therefore, we look forward to the support of kind people from all walks of life to help Sian Chay expand our services to serve the general public. Let us work together to contribute to the charity cause with gratitude.