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Be thankful and cherish the present

30 Dec 2019
Be thankful and cherish the present
30 December 2019 (Monday)
We cannot predict whether happiness or accident will happen first tomorrow. Life is so impermanent, and it is often the unexpected “impermanence” that happens to us.
Yesterday on 29 December at 4 pm, there was an “impermanence” happening outside  Lucky Plaza that no one wanted to see. Two Filipino maids died of injuries caused by a car accident. One age 37 years old and the other age 56 years old.
In Singapore, there are many Filipino maids who have left their hometowns to work here. They want to let their families and children live a happy life. They go to foreign countries and cities alone to earn a salary and send money home. These single Philippine maids often endure bitterness overseas that ordinary people cannot tolerate. How happy are we compared to them?
Possession is a blessing, life is a virtue, life is impermanence, impermanence in the present, impermanence in the future, living in the present, learn to be grateful! This is what I have learned in the past 10 years as a volunteer chairman at Sian Chay. I often say “Thank you for your happiness and cherish the present.” It is the blessing and fate of the Sian Chay people. The patients give us the opportunity to serve them. We must cherish, be sincere, and be grateful.
Helping a person is equivalent to helping a family, because anyone in a large family who falls sick, the life and mood of the family will be greatly affected and impacted, especially the poor families. Helping a family brings happiness and tranquility to everyone around him.
As we enjoy each and every day of happiness, we must be grateful for the gift of destiny, and at the same time give love and care to those in need. What is life? Life is not yesterday, today, or tomorrow. To live is to cherish the present, to be grateful to the present, to dedicate to the present.
I wish that the maids in the ward will recover soon, and hope that everyone travels safely.
Gratitude, blessing!