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Beauty is in the eye of goodwill

12 Dec 2017

Beauty is in the eye of goodwill

Learning to appreciate beauty and understand the true meaning of goodwill

On 12th September, Ms. Huifong Ng, an internationally renowned portrait artist, conducted two art classes for the residents at Marsiling Branch of Sian Chay Medical Institution. Ms. Huifong Ng was born in Brunei, and learnt painting and sculpture from several masters in the United States, France and Italy. Her famous works include, “Father Lee Kuan Yew” “Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong”, ” President Tony Tan and Mrs Mary Tan”.

In recent years, Ms. Huifong Ng’s painting achievements have drawn the attention and recognition of the arts world. She has won numerous awards and is well-known  for her media coverage. Recently, she took time off her busy schedule in Singapore to dedicate her paintaing and art courses to the residents at Sian Chay.

The activity differed from previous ones in that it brought together three generations of art learners in the art class of internationally renowned portrait artist Ms. Huifong Ng. Ms. Huifong Ng said, “It’s also aimed at promoting the spirit  of cherishing old and young in our country, and promoting the inter-generation social harmony ”.

Ms. Huifong Ng arranged two classes with different themes. One is acrylic painting with the theme of “Flower of Thanksgiving for 2017″. The other is New Year greeting card making with the theme of “A Prosperous Year of Dog – Pamper yourself, cheer up yourself, at this early spring”. Ms. Huifong Ng introduced the purpose of this class, “ To mark our farewell to 2017, lets express our gratitude by our brushes in hand and flowers on the canvas.”

In the class, Ms. Huifong Ng especially encouraged a group of active ageing seniors to do a handmade special love for themselves. She also reminded the children to send their best wishes to their dearest parents. The elderly who participated in New Year card handmaking activity finally got a chance to reward themselves for a whole year with good health and happiness. And cute kids quietly created beautiful surprises for parents. Every “student” who completed his/her work was surprised at what they had done!

Sian Chay has been continuously promoting its core values of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. It supports the nation building and fosters social harmony. Sian Chay actively promotes the beliefs of “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers” and “Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.” It supports the charity causes with full strength and gives back to the society by active participation in the charity activities organized by various civic groups, community organisations, centres. All branches also organize colorful entertainment and cultural events to bring happiness and cheers to the constituencies. Volunteers from various sectors in the society join Sian Chay to deliver glow and warmth to the public with their own efforts. Just like Mr. Toh Soon Huat often mentioned, “A good deed, no matter big or small, as long as it’s meaningful and benefit others, I will do it, no matter if others want to do or be able to do.”