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Benevolent Aaron Tan pledged $300,000 to Sian Chay

19 Feb 2021

On February 19, 2021, Lianhe Wanbao published “Benevolent Aaron Tan pledged $300,000 to Sian Chay.”

Thanks to benevolent donor Mr Aaron Tan Choong Han. He has been volunteering at Sian Chay Medical Institution since 2017 as a form of service to society. He walks the talk by helping Sian Chay and showing care. He has pledged to donate a total of $300,000 to Sian Chay Medical Institution over 10 years by donating $30,000 each year. His spirit in showing gratitude is something everyone can learn from. We hope everyone can work together to do good by giving back to society and helping more people.

Mr. Aaron Tan also shared his past experience of doing charity: “5 February, 2021 was a very meaningful and memorable day for me. I donated $300,000 to Sian Chay in the name of my company to help more needy patients.
As early as 2017, after attending a Sian Chay charity gala dinner, I told myself that in future, I must become a great philanthropist like Chairman Toh. I will help everyone in need from my heart and pass this spirit of love on.

Today, I really did it. It is my great honour to work with Chairman Toh to help more people.
The three hours of lessons spent interacting with him was very rewarding and beneficial. The lessons learnt was very priceless to me. self-improving and this class was priceless to me.
Because we understand what love is under the same blue sky
People have the same dream, that everyone needs to be caring
Everyone is equal, don’t look down on people in difficulties
Everyone has difficulties.

I strongly believe that through this class, each of us gained more than just being moved. We are all motivated and driven to work hard to learn, be independent in life, learn to be grateful, and learn to give back.
Under the same blue sky, we have the same goal.
Let us pass love on forever, let happiness stay with you.

Sian Chay Medical Institution, a social enterprise under societal management for social service. Every $10 donation can benefit 1 patient from a low-income family to receive free consultation and medication from Sian Chay Medical Institution. By helping 1 patient, we are actually helping all the family members be relieved from suffering, and building a happy family, a harmonious and peaceful society.

Sian Chay Medical Institution has 14 branches across the island, providing free TCM consultation and medicine subsidies. Sian Chay Medical Institution is a Social Enterprise under Societal Management for Social Service. We thank the public for their continuous support and trust in Sian Chay Medical Institution! Please help to share and spread this benevolent news.

We also call on benevolent individuals from all walks of life to help Sian Chay expand its mission of serving the public, advance its spirit of serving the public, share its warmth with people around them, and jointly cultivate and promote this social enterprise. I look forward to working together with everyone to do good together! I hope you will share the TCM charity platform of Sian Chay Medical Institution with relatives, friends, neighbours and the needy! Sian Chay Medical Institution will do its best to serve them with love and warmth!