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Boss Group Sponsors the Printing of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”

12 Jan 2019

Boss Group Sponsors the Printing of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”

Boss Group is a non-profit group of business owners. The core value is “love” – ​​because “love” is the key to continuing life. Through shared learning and mutual support, we will build a high-quality platform and move forward to more stable and better enterprises. Boss Group pays attention to self-cultivation and steady growth: home-based – to settle down; to manage their own business – to establish a career; to give back to the society – to make donations. Boss Group is committed to mutual respect, kindness, integrity, positiveness, positiveness, harmony, joy and trust.

With the proposition and planning by Advisor of Boss Group, also the Executive Chairman of the Novena Foundation and the Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Toh Soon Huat, JP, Boss Group became the first charity to sponsor and promote the “carnation for mothers” in 2011. It has been 8 years since Chairman Toh appealed to convey the unwavering gratitude and give back to mothers throughout the world.

On 28th November (Wednesday) afternoon, an 18-people delegation from Boss Group visited Sian Chay Medical Institution. Chairman Toh Soon Huat first shared the current development of Sian Chay Medical Institution and its future development plan. The emphasis was placed on the “$10 Love Programme” (As long as you donate $10, you can support an elderly patient to enjoy free consultation and medication). He said, “Sian Chay’s achievements today cannot be separated from everyone’s support. I hope that everyone can continue to do charity. Tell everyone around about the $10 Love Programme”, and inspire more people to join us in charity. In the new year (2019), Sian Chay Medical Institution is expected to open the 16th branch to serve the public, with a view to helping more people in need.

On the same day, several members of Boss Group discussed with Mr. Toh on how to deal with the company’s operations, family conflicts and social relations. Chairman Toh answered the questions raised with his rich life experience and professional business philosophy. One of the members said, “I had an opportunity to meet with Chairman Toh when my company was going downhill. After he learned about the situation of my company, he enlightened me, encouraged me, and helped me with suggestions. I also I learned a lot about business from him. I listened to Chairman Toh’s opinion, shifted the company’s focus, changed the business strategy, and then my company’s situation got better and better. All these were attributed to the help of Chairman Toh. I admired Chairman Toh’s contribution to the society. He really gave a lot to Sian Chay with several roles. In addition to serving as the Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, he also serves as the Honorary President of many organizations and institutions. When people encountered problems and difficulties, he will spare no effort to help. He is a great leader contributing money and effort. I feel very happy to follow him and receive a lot of positive energy from him. I also learned a lot.”

At the end of event, Chairman Toh Soon Huat also wrote blessings in his new books, “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”. He gave the books with his autograph to all the members and their families. He also had a group photo with them. Looking at Chairman Toh’s new book, everyone expressed their praise and recognition. They decided to pay for the new book, to share the kindness knowledge and positive energy with more people.

Thanks to the following sponsors for funding the new book of Dr. Toh Soon Huat:

Mr. Cai Baoqiu, Ms. Chen Yuexi, Ms. Xie Simei, Mr. Xu Junrong, Ms. Han Yihua

Ms. Zhang Shou Ning, Mr. Yang Wentong, Ms. Huang Xiaojin, Ms. Quan Lifang, Ms. Liu Yuxia

Ms. Li Hongchun, Miss Chen Lufei, Ms. Huang Huifen, Mr. Ye Fankai, Ms. Zhao Huiling

Ms. Zeng Huayou, Mr. Liu Yurong

Hereby, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to your love, compassion and empathy. I hope that more people will sponsor the printing of this book of kindness knowledge with depth and warmth, “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”. (Contact Amy: 93551866 WeChat: 276923781)