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08 Jul 2017


28 July 2017

Message from our Guest of Honour

Mr Lim Swee Say

Minister for Manpower

Doing good is a virtue and gives joy to both the giver and the receiver.

Founded in 1901, Sian Chay is already 116 years old. There is a Chinese saying – A long journey proves the stamina of a horse. Sian Chay stands tall after staying the course for a long time.

For over 100 years, it has done its best to provide medical care for the poor. It has also instilled kindness in everyone’s heart and integrated with society.

As a charitable organisation, raising funds is a perennial challenge for the Sian Chay management past and present. Their philosophy of sacrificing personal interests for public welfare and efforts in providing shelter for the poor deserve our admiration!

Today, Sian Chay is deeply connected with the hearts of the people. Through daily persistence in giving and doing good deeds, it has planted the seed of doing good in their hearts.

I hope that everyone can preserve in doing the best for a cause, just like Sian Chay has been doing. Caring for the people is the responsibility of the government. It is also the shared obligation of every Singaporean.

I wish Sian Chay all the best in years ahead.