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BSFIT Pte Ltd Managing Director Cindy Ong Strongly Supports Charity to Spread Warmth

07 Mar 2021

On March 7, 2021 (Sunday), the Shin Min Daily News reported that “BSFIT Pte Ltd Managing Director Cindy Ong Strongly Supports Charity to Spread Warmth”.
The health care industry bucked the trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to being grateful for the good fortune, this lady boss also hopes to give back to the society so that the spirits of the disadvantaged can also be lifted in these difficult times.
Managing Director of BSFIT (S) Holdings told reporters that her encounter with Sian Chay started more than 30 years ago, because she herself was in the furniture industry and got acquainted with Toh Soon Huat, who was also her peer in the industry.
“Toh Soon Huat retired from Novena, which he founded single-handedly in 2008. At the peak of his career, he sold his listed company and went full-time into charity work. At that time, I also supported his decision. Hence, I will do my best to help Sian Chay. .”
In 2017, Cindy Ong organized the “BSFIT Love & Care Charity Dinner” for Sian Chay Medical Institution. She still remembers that $530,000 was raised at that event, and the then Minister of Manpower Lim Swee Say also attended.
“Since then, we have donated as much as we can to Sian Chay’s activities, both large and small. We participate in whatever activities we can. For example, Sian Chay takes the elderly out for an enjoyable dinner and we try our best to sponsor this activities, hoping to give the elderly happiness.”
The company she operates is in the health care industry. Many companies have been affected by the pandemic. However, Cindy Ong’s company has not been affected. Instead, it is doing better than before.
“After all, in this pandemic, everyone will pay more attention to health care. To me, being able to earn in such circumstances is actually better than many others, hence I feel I should give back to society. “
Cindy Ong remembers that in June and July last year, she sponsored lunch meals which was distributed to the needy at one of Sian Chay’s branch. At that time, the pandemic impacted many people badly with low morale, but they all showed their smiles after they received their lunch boxes. “Seeing them happy makes us happy too.”
Cindy Ong said that during Lunar New Year recently, she gave red packets to the elderly and sponsored a good meal for them at a charity dinner in a restaurant, hoping that they could feel the warmth.
“In fact, I hope I could do more, but the challenges and restrictions of holding such activities during the pandemic are relatively big. I hope the pandemic will pass over quickly.”
Cindy Ong also does good actively in other countries. She believes that she should do good to try to help different types of disadvantaged. Therefore, in addition to supporting Sian Chay, she also sponsors orphanages in Malaysia. Regardless of the number of people helped, she just hope to do her part in doing good. As she also does business in China, she also quickly donated supplies to Wuhan when it was facing the severe pandemic last year,.
Because of her good deeds in Malaysia, Cindy Ong was also named Dato a few days ago. For her, the title is secondary. She cares more about whether the help she has provided can improve the lives of others.