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Caring and Sharing

20 Aug 2017

Caring and Sharing

—2017 National Day Celebration at Jalan Besar GRC

Caring means to care, help, love, and look after. Sharing means to use, pre-occupy, enjoy with others.

On 20th August , Whampoa division of Jalan Besar GRC held the “Caring & Sharing – 2017 National Day Celebration” event at Kallang CC. VIPs in attendance included Mr. Heng Chee How, Senior Minister of State ( Prime Minister’s Office) and MP of Jalan Besar GRC, Whampoa Grassroot leaders, Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay, Vice Chairman Dr.Simon Keak Lai Heng, Secretary Mr. Chua Swee Wah, Treasurer Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo PBM, Vice Treasurer Dr. Yap Seng Teck and Ms. Michelle Lu Yanping, as well as staff and volunteers from Sian Chay Headquarters.

Sian Chay Medical Institution sponsored 850 goodie packs, each worth about $10, to the needy residents in commemoration with the National Day celebrations.

Minister Heng personally led the grassroots leaders and volunteers to distribute the goodie packs. He said, “Thank you very much for the goodie packs sponsored by Sian Chay under the leadership of Chairman Toh Soon Huat. I hope these goodie packs can bring joy to low-income families, needy and single elderly .”

It is reported that most of these households are unemployed singles or couple with one patient. They were eligible for subsidized HDB housing  at below $100 monthly rental .

Mr. Toh Soon Huat said, “Every family has its own difficulties. It’s not easy to make a living. We plan for brochure distribution to the needy residents by RC volunteers and to offer them relieve from pain. Next year, we will organise another event to residents in the vicinity.” Minister Heng was very appreciative for the community efforts by Sian Chay.

After packing all goodie packs, the volunteers spreaded into groups to HDB blocks. Minister Heng and Chairman Toh, along with directors and grassroot leaders visited flats in one group. The flats were small with a narrow corridor, about 10 flats on each floor. A 50-year-old bespectacled man, with tattoo all over his body, opened door at the first flat. He was very delighted to see Minister and others. When looking inside, we could tell that the home was shabby and their living must be quite difficult. The man kept saying thank you when Minister Heng and Chairman Toh handed the goodie pack to him.

Another family was a Malay auntie who just got up. She smiled happily when she saw the goodie pack deliveed by Minister. Inside the room sat a trance man, without any facial expression. We suddenly sensed her strong and courage attitude towards life. The goodie packs we sent out could be helpful to her life, more or less. She held the Minister’s hand firmly. Words in her heart, but were not being spoken out.

Sian Chay delivered care and love to residents through this activity. Meanwhile, it promotes the 5 core values through its own actions, which are “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. Through active participation in the charity events, Sian Chay is also practicing its social responsibility raised by Chairman Toh Soon Huat, which is “From the society, For the society”, and to take care of the vulnerable groups, with labor or money. We wish everyone could work together to contribute to charity cause with one’s own means. Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forwards with the Nation ,Bonding with the People. This can make the society better. This is not only the commitment of Sian Chay, but also inherent responsibility and obligation of each Singaporean. Let’s move forward and work together for a better Singapore.

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