To support charitable organisations or individual(s) to fund programmes that serve a diverse range of community needs on Sinheregapore. By collaborating with charities or individual(s) to develop impactful projects, every grants that goes out from Sian Chay should create positive change and impact.

To receive a grant, charities or individual(s) should have good and sustainable programme ideas that meet the following criteria:

Focus on clearly identified problem areas, opportunities or social gaps that are under-supported;

Shows a clear link on how the programme can create sustainable impact beyond the duration of funding;

Has potential to scale even if the project may be adhoc or pilot programme; and

Offers measurable outcome and benefits to the community or recipients.

Seed funding of S$5,000 or S$10,000 will be disbursed for the cause


1. Grant application - Submit the proposal

2. Assessment - Review by Sian Chay and either offer or reject the grant application

3. Grant agreement

4. Grant disbursement

5. Progress report/Follow-up


Application form should be completed and submitted through here

As part of our due diligence and programme assessment porcesses, we will work closely with you to define and make clarification of your proposal.

All applications are subject to Sian Chay's approval. Grants, if given, are subject to terms and conditions of Sian Chay's as part of Grant Agreement to be signed with the Applicants.