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Charity and Arts, Bright journey together.

26 Jun 2019

Charity and Arts, Bright journey together. 

26th June 2019 ( Wednesday)

On the 26th June 2019 (Wed),  the Director of Synpura Conservatory of Music, Ms Wang Ji Ying visited Sian Chay Medical Institution and met Chairman Mr Toh Soon Huat JP BBM.  She made a generous donation to Sian Chay Medical Institution on behalf of her music school.

Ms Wang has always been very supportive towards charity events of Sian Chay Medical Institution, and has previously led the Ruyi Pipa ensemble to perform at Sian Chay fund-raising events. During her visit, she invited Chairman Toh to be the guest of honour and present awards at the Singapore International Music Festival — Western Instruments Competition.

Chairman Toh’s philosophy is: Arts originated from our lives and our emotions to its infinite beauty. Arts arises from self-cultivation and appreciation. Among the many forms of arts, music is one of the most glorious forms. Music interacts with our senses and sensibilities, it elevates the soul and is essential to a healthier lifestyle, as music relieves stress, relaxes the mind and most importantly, lifts our spirit and brings splendour to this world around us.

By definition, international music festival is a gathering of talented and internationally acclaimed musicians, who travelled from far and wide to meet in Singapore. They perform and study, at the same time interacting and exchanging ideas with one another, in the spirit of promoting and sharing the best of their musical gifts.

Synpura Conservatory of Music is a renowned local musical institution. It was established by the musical department of Ascensia International School since 1993 and is part of Ascensia Education Group. In its name, ‘Syn‘ stands for synthesis, it aspires to be a fusion of musical learning and creation, and at the same time, to present a whole new interpretation of traditional music creativity.

The conservatory comprises faculty members of the highest calibre. The courses offer not only a platform for study, but more importantly, consist of unique programmes such as CEX (global experienced) lectures, experiential learning and professional apprenticeship with top musicians/producers/managers in the world of musical creativity, in order for students to acquire more experience first hand.

The school curriculum covers various genres of pop music and classical music, including piano and other western instruments. A grand stage built for all aspiring musical talents to reach their highest potential, and such is their goal.

Finally, we wish Sian Chay Medical Institution and Synpura Conservatory of Music all the best in their future endeavours!  Let their music soar through the world with love and passion and reach out to the hearts of all!