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Community Youth Care for the Elderly

31 Mar 2018

In the afternoon of 31 March 2018, the five Community Centres under Yishun GRC jointly organized a “Community Youth Care for the Elderly” event at Yishun East CC.  250 senior citizens from across Yishun GRC were invited to participate, with around 280 students from the universities, polytechnics and secondary schools serving as volunteers to chaperone the seniors.

In persuance to Sian Chay’s tradition of using actions instead of just slogans to demonstrate its core values of :

“Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Blessing”, Sian Chay Medical Institution assigned five senior Tuina Therapists to offer free-of-charge,  Sian Chay’s signature high-quality traditional Chinese massage for the elderly.

For many of the senior citizens on-site, it was their First Time trying traditional Tuina massage. All of them were highly impressed and amazed at the comfort & efficacy of the Sian Chay style treatment, which have helped to relieve their pain and agony.  They in turn urged their friends to try it, thus causing a long queue of “customers” at the scene. Though extremely busy and hard at work, our Tuina Therapists were happy to give of their best, knowing that they were contributing towards relieving the ailments of the elderly, while passing on the Sian Chay spirit of “tender care with great love” among the public.

Mdm Lim, a 75-year-old lady, exclaimed : “I feel so relaxed & comfortable. I have never experienced such wonderful massage!” Another senior citizen, 80-year-old Mdm Teo asked: “When will you guys come back again?” Our staff on-site made use of the occasion to distribute Sian Chay’s brochures and encouraged the elderly to visit the near-by Sian Chay TCM clinics.

Mr. Henry Kwek, Advisor to Grassroots Organization & MP for Nee Soon GRC, after presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to Sian Chay, cordially acknowledged and thanked the Medical Institution for its earnest community contribution.

Sian Chay Medical Institution is always happy to participate in such community activities, and through concrete actions, promote the maxim of “Returning to the Society what one takes from it, as it is the responsibility of the society to care for the disadvantaged in its midst”,which is constantly emphasized by Chairman Dr Toh Soon Huat.

He reiterates Sian Chay’s commitment towards nation building & social harmony, by stating that : “Only when there is Good within the nation, & the Spirit of Giving within its people, then a society can prosper & progress”.