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Compassion at all time

24 Feb 2018

Compassion at all time

–“God of Fortune ” Blessing Sian Chay with Boundless Kindness

24th February (Saturday)

In the evening of 24th February (9th of January in lunar calendar), Sian Chay Medical Institution Honourable Chairman Mr Khoo Hang Choong and his wife invited friends to their home for a gathering .

During the gathering , the elder brother of Sian Chay’s Director Jackson Teo , Mr Teo Ngiang Huat dressed up as “God of Fortune ” was wishing for blessing together with others. Everyone laughed and wished for fortune with “God of Fortune ” and wished for a wealthy year in 2018. The hongbaos totally $1588 were collected. Mr and Mrs Khoo top with additional $7300 to round up the figure to $8888 as a lump sum donation to Sian Chay Medical Institution.

The meaning of charity is to start small without ulterior motive to give to others and make the benevolence to light up the path to make more contribution to other people. Only in this way  we can pass the genuine help to the needy and our spirits get closer to the God, and the “God of Fortune ” shower the fortune of kindness to those with real loving hearts.

Just like the five core values of Sian Chay, “Forgiveness, universal love, compassion, gratitude and blessing” which reflect the Sian Chay people’s devoted kindness. Based on its basis of “To  support the nation building and foster social harmony”, Sian Chay actively promote its beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, and that “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People”. At the meantime, Sian Chay spare no effort in supporting the charity causes by actively participating in activities organized by community organisations, civic groups and community centres to give back to the society.