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Delegation of Health & Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province

26 Oct 2017

Delegation of Health & Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province

26 October 2017 (Thursday)


On 26 October, the 21-member delegation from the Shanxi Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission visited the Sian Chay Geylang Main branch received by  Chairman Toh Soon Huat. During the visit, Chairman Toh introduced the values, spirit, fee schedule, operation, etc. of Sian Chay to all visitors.

He mentioned his original goal of establishing this platform was to get people together to do good deeds and practice charity with Sian Chay with more warm hearts. “God loves me, by giving me this duty. Life is always with hope, hope of being alive tomorrow. Charity and money are not interdependent .”

Chairman Toh said, “Sian Chay is not only a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. It is a charity organization, and also a social enterprise as well. Social enterprises need social management. Everyone’s tiny piece of love is needed to make the society more harmonious and beautiful.”

He also said, “As a nurse, your work is sacred. Do not feel aggrieve. Grievance will bring you bad luck and neither good for yourself or patients.” All visitors deeply agree with that.

It is learned that as early as in July, Health and Family Planning Commission of Shanxi Province, China was in touch with Sian Chay through Ms Leung Shu-yan, representative of Singapore Edu-Train Center, and hoping to make an exchange visit to Sian Chay, and with Chairman Toh in particular. During her time at University, Shu-yan once had a chance to meet with Chairman Toh and visited the Geylang Main Branch. She was deeply moved by the “gratitude and universal love” of Chairman Toh and Sian Chay’s benevolence of helping the poor with medical treatment for over a century.

Singapore Edu-Train Centre has over 20 years of experience in professional training and is one of the overseas training agencies of the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It provides advanced training in various fields for Chinese officials and corporate executives covering more than 20 topics.

Everyone was deeply touched by Mr. Toh’s sharing. How can an entrepreneur of a listed company put aside everything just for charity? They understood after they got to know about Chairman Toh and his stories.

In order to thank Sian Chay for its reception, Singapore Edu-Train Center specifically donated $500 to Sian Chay. Chairman Toh gave each guest two books, “Gratitude” and “Journey”. All visitors took a group photo with Chairman Toh for memory.

Sian Chay has been promoting the core values of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing” and also integrated them into the daily conduct of everyone. Sian Chay promotes the belief that “From the society, For the society. To take care of the vulnerable groups, with labour or money. Wishing everyone working together to contribute to charity cause with one’s own means.” Because we know that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forwarding with the Nation, Bonding with the People”, the society can be better .” This is not only the commitment of Sian Chay, but also inescapable responsibility and obligation of each Singaporean. The individual’s power is insignificant while the team delivers immense strength. Our nation will be a better one. Once it’s full of energy and love, it will bring sunshine to the whole society.

Last but not least, we wish Sian Chay a better future, wish Singapore a better future, wish the world a better future!