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Donate Paintings with Love, Art originates from Charity

09 Mar 2018

Donate Paintings with Love, Art originates from Charity

9th March, 2018 (Friday)

On 9th March, Mr. Sunny Yew, President of Asia Pacific Elite Entrepreneurs Association and Miss CoCo Naomi, Chief Executive Of Cultural & Arts’ Department visited Sian Chay Medical Institution and also donated one calligraphic work each from Mr. Goh Yau Kee to Sian Chay. Sian Chay will auction the two art pieces at a gala event in December to raise more funds to help the elderly.

Miss CoCo Naomi shared via WeChat, “Sharing bright horizon , gift of gratitude! Gratitude to the Singaporean philanthropist, Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution who donated books and trophies! Chairman Toh possesses strong charisma and profound knowledge of charity! It is difficult to express the feeling when seeing what was seen in the office! Today, I am so grateful for the blessing and encouragement from Chairman Toh about my humble contribution. Thanks to the recommendation and appreciation of Mr. Sunny Yew, President of Asia Pacific Elite Entrepreneurs Association, as well as the introduction and support of Miss Ocean, Vice President of Asia Pacific Elite Entrepreneurs Association! I am so grateful to meet the noble people in life! It is insignificant to do a little thing for the society but it is honourable to meet those successful achievers! ”

In this regard, Chairman Toh commented, “ Happiness in Charity an Faith in Co-operation.”

Kindness is a trust, an action. Its in everyone’s heart, It only needs an opportunity to grow and pass from one heart to another. Mr. Toh Soon Huat and his colleagues at Sian Chay Medical Institution have been promoting the core values of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. “To support nation building and fosters social harmony ”, Sian Chay actively promote its beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, and that “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People”. Sian Chay also spares no effort to support the charity causes by actively participating in activities organized by community organusations, civic groups and community centres to gie back to the society. It is because he and all people believe that the principle of “human beings are by nature good” , because he has always believed that only his own good deeds will influence others with kindness in their hearts such as Mr. Sunny Yew and Miss Coco Naomi, to bring benefits to the people, to give warmth to the society. Thank you for your contribution.