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Dr. Koh Poh Koon visited Sian Chay Yio Chu Kang Branch

19 Dec 2016

Dr. Koh Poh Koon visited Sian Chay Yio Chu Kang Branch

On 7:30pm of 19 Dec, Dr. Koh Poh Koon, Minister of State, Ministry of National Development & Ministry of Trade and Industry, visited Sian Chay Yio Chu Kang Branch and Wellness Centre, accompanied by grassroots leaders and staff of PA. Mr. Toh Soon Huat BBM, PAPA, Chairman of Sian Chay and Ms. Lu Yanping, Director of Sian Chay, and Mr. Ng Ser Kwei, Executive Director of Sian Chay were in attendance as well.

Mr. Toh explained to Dr Koh the services and establishment of this branch including service capability, sponsors and project costs, etc. They also discussed about the operation of wellness centre. Dr. Koh suggested that legal counselling and mental health guidance could be arranged after the wellness centre commenced operation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Koh commented that CCC will fully support Sian Chay. He would request staff to distribute Sian Chay brochures to residents during house visits and to introduce the medical services and wellness centre to residents. Mr. Toh indicated that Sian Chay could provide free medical services to those with financial difficulties. Dr. Koh appreciated that and advised his team, during Meet-the People’s-Sessions (MPS), to help those in need to write letters to Sian Chay for waiver of medical charges..

The visit brought to a successful end in a pleasant and mutual exchange.

Currently, Sian Chay has 12 branches, 4 wellness centres island-wide to provide free TCM consultation, subsidized medication, acupuncture and tuina therapy . Sian Chay focuses helping the seniors to get timely and convenient treatment and to live a blissful, happy life in their golden age..

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay, has been always promoting the 5 core values of Sian Chay, which are Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing, It is Sian Chay’s commitment to provide support to the nation building and social harmony. From the society, for the society. We wish that everyone would work together to care for the vulnerable and needy by contributing money or effort. Mr. Toh often mentions the concept,”Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours . Forward with the Nation and Bonding with the People”, to achieve a better society . It is an important way to return to the society with active participation in charity events organised by the civic and community organisations, associations and community centres.