bool(false) Education of Love, Dedication to Boundless Love —— Mr. Toh Soon Huat’s Sharing Session at Wang Learning Centre - Sian Chay Medical Institution

Education of Love, Dedication to Boundless Love —— Mr. Toh Soon Huat’s Sharing Session at Wang Learning Centre

22 Mar 2018

Education of Love, Dedication to Boundless Love

——Mr. Toh Soon Huat’s Sharing Session at Wang Learning Centre

The sharing session attended by over 90 teachers at the Wang Learning Centre Headquarters by Mr. Toh Soon Huat was held on Thursday, 22nd March at 9am.

During the session, Mr. Toh Soon Huat shared the special bond between Sian Chay and himself, as well as his original intention of doing charity. He said that, “Sian Chay Medical Institution is a TCM charity platform founded by the pioneers sailing south from China. It has been over 117 years! One generation planted the trees in whose shade another generation rests.”

One will not understand poverty if he has never been poor. According to statistics, 87% of wealth are controlled by 1% of people. It would make a big difference if these 1% of people are kind enough to share some of their wealth to support the disadvantaged groups in society. Charity is not by sympathy but by respect.

It’s very simple to understand that it is totally different when you treat your students as your own children, as opposed to you think of yourself as their teacher. The following words, “Respect teachers and esteem truths. Cultivate one’s mind and morality.”, has affected my life.

Chairman Toh also shared that, “When a person does not concern with pride is the moment he is most honourable. In fact, life is the combination of joy, anger, sorrow and happiness. Life is glowing and fervent, and it is same with love. It is normal that many people changed their mindsets when they changed their status. Today you are a teacher then you are acting as teacher. Today you are a principal then you need to be very wise to change your mindset, instead of pulling your rank on others. It is very important for everyone to recognize his identity, to know what you need to do every moment instead of idling around every day. Everyone has great potential and we need to discover and tap it.”

Why do you lose your temper, because you can’t control it. If you are calm enough and able to control your emotions, will you lose your temper?

There are three kinds of people in the world; the most influential, the wealthy, the high status, and those who don’t want anything. With less desire, there will be less weakness. It is the higher realm of spirituality if a man can give up all his desires. If everybody knows about this, the world will be peaceful. Why the reality is not so? Because everybody has their desires and the world is chaotic.

Teaching is to cultivate people. If teachers are unstable, the world will be chaotic. The teacher is the bridge between the primary school students and parents in his critical years of growth. Kindness should be taught to kids in their primary school years, to make them undertand and respect their parents and other kids. A teacher able to do so is a great person with great mercy.”

Wang Jie, founder of Wang Learning Centre said, “I have been associated with Sian Chay for more than two years. Every year I make donation and occasionally participate in the charity events organized by Sian Chay. Every time I am very touched. I also very much recognize Mr. Toh’s charity philosophy. We hope our team can lead the students and parents together to support Sian Chay Medical Institution to share love!”

Wang Learning Centre was established at the end of 2007. As a Chinese language tuition centre, it is dedicated to advocating Chinese culture and adopting. It also adopts Chinese and Western cultures to prove each other’s ways. This allows the students to obtain a broader perspective.

After the session, the Sian Chay personnel said that, “Education and charity are both social enterprises. They are both the industries that need to serve by heart. One is to save the lives and the other is to educate people. One is to keep healthy and strong body for the people and the other is to breed the hope for the country. Wang Learning Centre and Sian Chay Medical Institution are sharing the same philosophy, and are both organizations filled with love and kindness.

The significance of co-hosting this event is to promote the spirit of Sian Chay, share the service platform of Sian Chay through teachers, to spread positive energy, encourage students and parents to make donation, cultivate students’ awareness of charity, and plant seeds of kindness in their hearts. Everyone can give a little love and make society more harmonious and beautiful.

For a long time, Sian Chay has actively advocated the spirit of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. At the same time, it has also integrated this spirit into the daily conduct of all Sian Chay staff. From the society, For the society. To take care of the vulnerable groups, with labor or money. On top of that, we appeal to all caring people to join our ranks. As long as you donate $10, not only can you help one person, but it will also bring the warm love to your loved ones and plant seeds of kindness in the heart of your young children. It will also send a hope for Singapore’s brilliant future. Dedication teaches us to understand the spirit of love. This is the education of love. This is the starting point for hope.”