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Feng Shui Seminar : Heartfelt gratitude, Abundance of Life.

11 May 2019

Feng Shui Seminar: Heartfelt gratitude, Abundance of Life.

      On 11th May, Sian Chay Medical Institution and Joey Yap Private Limited jointly organised the “Feng Shui Seminar ” at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Ms. Nancy Yeoh was guest speaker at the seminar.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, JP, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Vice Chairman, Dr Simon Keak PBM, Organising Committee Chairman, Mr. Raymond Chua, and benevolent supporters. Organising Committee Chairman

Mr Raymond Chua, Director of Sian Chay Medical Institution said: Nature and life are mutually dependent and develop together, bringing new enlightenment to life. A hundred years of good-natured, through the wind and rain, fraternity and dedication, the initial heart unchanged. Sian Chay Medical Institution is not only a Chinese medicine institution that provides medicines regardless of race, religion or nationality. It is also a place to cultivate love, unite love and spread love. Since serving as Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Mr. Toh Soon Huat has brought a new look and new vitality to this established charity. Not only does it follow the tradition of kindness and love, but also serves the ordinary people, and has a longer-term plan. Focus on how to pass on the five core values ​​and spirit of Sian Chay. The spirit of good deeds not only benefits everyone who needs help, but also brings nature. It allows people to understand the beauty of life, to cherish happiness, and to pass on love.

Sian Chay currently has 15 branches, serving over 1,200 patient visits a day, and has also supported four wellness centres to serve 10,000 residents yearly. The Pioneer Generation enjoys free medicine and tuina therapy!

For a long time, Sian Chay has actively promoted the five core values ​​of “Forgiveness, Universal love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing. Mr. Toh Soon Huat strongly advocates charity spirit, namely: Trust, action, attitude and conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work. We believe that this is the basis for doing a good job of charity.

“Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People. This will make the society become more beautiful.” This is the wish of Sian Chay.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the speaker, Ms. Nancy Yeoh, benevolent supporters and the help and contribution of the Organising Committee, working partners and volunteers. With grateful heart and gratitude to you!

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