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Follow the Golden Mean on the Path of Benevolence, Let Benevolence be the means to Happiness

28 Jan 2018

Follow the Golden Mean on the Path of Benevolence,Let Benevolence be the means to Happiness

28th January 2018 (Sunday)

On 28th January, a lecture entitled “The Golden Mean Culture fosters Happy  Enterprises ” was held at the headquarters of Chang Cheng Group and was chaired by Professor Chen Shu. Dr. Yeo Guat Kwang, NTUC Assistant Director-General, Mr. Ricky Kok, Chairman of Chang Cheng Group, Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, and a number of community leaders and management executives of SME, are among the 120 guests who attended the lecture5y.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat said, “Professor Chen is extraordinary. He did not charge any fee and or ask for any favour. A man is virtuous when he expects nothing in return. I appreciate his sharing of knowledge on kindness.”

Professor Chen Shu was a Professor of Taiwan National Chengchi University, the former Deputy Finance Director, the former Dean of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance. He is now the Chairman of Board of Taiwan’s Central Investment Company,  Chairman of Institute of Financial Research and Chairman of Taiwan Corporate Governance Association.

Professor Chen Shu talked about the definition of a happy enterprise, the expression and energy of happiness, how to follow Golden Mean Culture to make social enterprises more balanced, harmonious and peaceful, and also talked about the meaning, connotation and value of the Golden Mean Culture in the relationship with social enterprises.

During the event, all attendees joined the discussion raised by questions from Profession Chen. Prof. Chen answered all of them and benefited all.

It was reported that the lecture was co-organized by Sian Chay Medical Institution and Infinite Youth Association, assisted by Singapore Modern Management Association and Singapore ShengHeShu and supported by Chang Cheng Group. Infinite Youth Association is a community partner of Sian Chay, who work together to organize and promote wellness activities, medical services and welfare programs to benefit the community regardless of race, religion or language to enhance social harmony.

Kindness needs the joint efforts, support, cultivation and promotion from the public and benevolent people. The society can be a better one only by united actions and delivery of kindness with universal love and gratitude, by more good deeds, by returns to the society, by benefiting the public and promotion of positive energy. This is the faith of Sian Chay, and the one thing it has been doing very vigorously for a long time. We are willing to use our every effort to dedicate more energy to this beautiful country. We are willing to protect our beautiful Singapore with all the people.