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Founder of Destiny Group, Mr. Yang Zhou

17 Jan 2019

The Founder of Destiny Group, Mr. Yang Zhou, and the senior executives were impressed by Sian Chay Medical Institution’s efforts in serving the community regardless race or religion for over 100 years. In 2018, Destiny Group decided to make monthly donations to Sian Chay Medical Institution under the name of the students to promote the kindness and goodwill. It has also arranged for the students to volunteer at Sian Chay Medical Institution to support the charity cause. Mr. Yang Zhou said, “Sian Chay is a very influential charity platform. We hope that in this way, more and more young people will be rallied into the charity ranks to give their love, and walk together with ZhixuanSG and Sian Chay Medical Institution.”

Mr. Yang Zhou said, “Under the leadership of Chairman Toh, Sian Chay Medical Institution opened 15 branches across the island in just 5 years, serving 1200 patient visits daily with subsidized TCM treatment. It provides care to the less mobile elderly , sends warmth to the needy residents, and spreads love to the country.” He also said, “I admire Chairman Toh for his ten-year perseverance to contribute to charity.”  Mr. Yang Zhou believes that charity is a social responsibility that everyone cannot avoid. If you do good deeds at a young age, you will pass on more positive energy. Therefore, Destiny Group decides to give students more opportunities to participate in charity. Sian Chay also provides such a good charity platform for the young people to join in.

Since its establishment in 2009, Destiny Group has developed four brands, covering education, new media, culture, food, information, and entertainment, related to all aspects of immigrant life. Mr. Zhou not only donated money to Sian Chay in the name of students, but also attended various fundraising dinners to support Sian Chay. The new media platform “Singapore Red Scarf” has helped Sian Chay Medical Institution promote the charity concept and appeal for the support and assistance to Sian Chay.

Wise youths lead to a wise nation; resourceful youths lead to a resourceful nation; strong youths lead to a strong nation; independent youths lead to an independent nation. The young people are the tomorrow of the society, the hope of the country, and the future of the nation. Under the leadership of Mr. Yang Zhou, Destiny Group has attracted a young generation with love and kind thoughts, and brought new vitality to Sian Chay’s charity cause. Thanks to Mr. Yang Zhou for the support and help to Sian Chay. Singapore is filled with the blossom of love because of people like you!