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Getai organiser Aaron Tan’s Getai, a Platform to Boost Charity

27 Dec 2020
On Sunday, December 27, 2020, Shin Min Daily News reported that “Getai organiser Aaron Tan’s Getai, a Platform to Boost Charity”.The public has a heart for charity and it starts from the grassroots. Although his avant-garde idea to transform the getai has been questioned, his firm belief has helped more than 100 getais put on a good show during this year’s pandemic and saved the jobs of singers and artistes. Aaron Tan (44), director of Lex(S) Entertainment Production, who has always been “daring to do things” for getais, immediately felt helpless after encountering the epidemic this year. He said frankly that it was difficult to strike a balance between safety and “daring to do things”. However, he quickly solved the challenge, and the solution actually came about five years ago. Many netizens got to know Lixing webcast station through this year’s 7th Lunar Month Festival Gala marathon, but Aaron Tan noticed the impact of digitalization and the power of the internet five years ago. Amid artists’ doubts about doing live broadcast, Aaron Tan felt the pressure. But he firmly believed that this was the only way: “I told them clearly that live broadcasting was also good for their future. The live broadcast of artistes can also be seen by netizens, and they can support fans on the Internet.” At that time, getai was still dominated by the physical shows, supplemented by the online platform. Years of working on the live platform made him accumulate valuable experience. At the beginning of this year, when the pandemic broke out, everyone did not expect that it would affect the 7th Lunar Month Festival. Aaron Tan quickly analyzed the situation and successfully adapted to the new normal. During July of this lunar calendar, the online getai platform happened uninterrupted, every night and the audience rating quickly cleared the doubt of the past. Aaron Tan said that he began to specialize in online getai shows in April this year. From the first to the 29th of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese could watch live broadcasts every day. So far, more than 100 live broadcasts have happened.” Geta plays a very important part for local charities. It can unite grassroots communities to do good together.” During the pandemic, many charities were unable to hold large-scale fund-raising activities, of which the singing stage performance had played an important role. Aaron Tan also helped Sian Chay hold three “Sian Chay shows of gratitude online live shows”. Aaron Tan said that the production cost of the online platform is relatively low, its audience is wider, and can reach 100% of kind netizens.
“I will not regard anyone as an imaginary enemy but only to surpass ourselves to have breakthroughs and move forward!” Aaron Tan said that since he entered society, he has always held the idea of doing well and surpassing himself. Therefore, he always hopes to seek new ideas in the content of the program, which also makes many fans enjoy his shows. Aaron Tan said that it has been seven months since he held a physical show, and he has been facing show equipment all the while. However, with the gradual stabilization of the pandemic in Singapore, he admits that he sees a fresh dawn. Aaron Tan said frankly that he was very pleased to see many artistes developing, and some have directly transformed themselves to do live broadcasting. However, he said that the physical getai stage is still his profession, and he will always stick to it.