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Gift of Love at Fernvale Gardens School – Love will no longer walk alone

21 Apr 2018

Gift of Love at Fernvale Gardens School – Love will no longer walk alone

——Sian Chay Medical Institution collaborating with FernvaleGardens School

On 21 April 2018 (Saturday) at 10:00am, an Open House event was organized at the “Fernvale Gardens School” under MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).  Mr Gan Tiam Poh, MP for AngMo Kio GRC was the guest-of-honour, accompanied by Chairman of Sian Chay Dr Toh Soon Huat and many other grassroots leaders.

At the Open House, Fernvale Gardens School exhibited the various courses offered at the school, such as cooking (toasted bread, fried rice)  , making of beverages (fruit juices), hand-knitting (of dolls), arts of drawing, calligraphy & electronic drawing etc. The achievements made by the school in recent years and the unremitting spirit of self-improvement by the students deeply touched the hearts of everyone present. The Principal of the School said: “The purposes of running a variety of activities and courses are to enhance the students’ social and communication skills, and to equip them with life skills and vocational skills which will enable them to gradually move from societal shelter and become independent , while making contributions to the society and prove with their own actions that they are not disabled.

In this event, Sian Chay Medical Institution sponsored two new stoves and two kitchen cabinets. The principal of the school was very grateful, and hoped that Sian Chay could continue to support the school’s activities, strengthen the links between the two institutions, and help each other to progress further.  Sian Chay’s chairman Dr Toh Soon Huat said: “ Sian Chay Medical Institution will continue to support Fernvale Gardens School, and will help to distribute to the elderly in the community the bread produced by the students, so as to encourage them to uplift their skills, strengthen their sense of responsibility and develop their potential.”

For a long period of time, Sian Chay Medical Institution has been adhering to its five core values: “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude & Blessing”. In line with Singapore’s nation building effort & to create a harmonious society, Sian  Chay actively promotes the general concepts of : “Family prospers within nation, & Family harmony brings success”,  and “When good resides within nation, & kindness prevails among people, Society prospers”.

Sian Chay therefore earnestly supports community services, and enthusiastically participates in charitable activities organized by the various constituencies, organizations and the community centres, so as to pay back to the society.

This activity was an illustration of Sian Chay’s principle of using actions to uphold its beliefs. Sian Chay will henceforth not only bring its own staff, but also to bring more friends to support charitable endeavours. It will also invite students to visit and know more about Sian Chay, so that everyone will not just confine their love to a restricted corner, but to spread love and good will to more people in need, thereby making Singapore society the most heart-warming place on earth with the collective effort of everyone contributing a little dose of their love.