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Goodness of Buddha shed on Sian Chay

10 Jan 2017

Goodness of Buddha shed on Sian Chay

“With modernization, our lives are enriched by progress of all sorts, yet our incapacities and pain have not lightened. Instead, the more developed we are, the more sufferings we have to go through and the greater the emptiness that fills our souls.”

——Venerable Jih Chang

BW Monastery is a Buddhist organization established in Singapore since 2002. Originally known as Bliss and Wisdom Buddhist Association, the group changed its name to BW Monastery from 2014 after it had successfully obtained the land tender to build its own monastery building in Singapore. The new name signifies the community of both the Sangha and layman. BW Monastery’s mission is to integrate Buddhism with life. The organization endeavours to improve lives with spiritual practice, develop positive relationships between people and fosters family harmony and a better society. Currently BW Monastery is headed by Venerable Jing Yuan, who is the Abbot in Singapore. Venerable Jing Yuan was the disciple of Master Venerable Jih Chang from Taiwan.

Venerable Jing Yuan particularly appreciates what Sian Chay Medical Institution has been doing for a hundred years, providing medical TCM consultation and low-cost treatment for low-income families. He especially praised Mr. Toh Soon Huat BBM, PVPA for continuing and promoting the heritage of Sian Chay to devote to the public. Venerable Jing Yuan donated $8,000 to Sian Chay to serve the public and sincerely prayed for Sian Chay’s good cause to continue benefiting the public. $8,000 donation can help 800 seniors with free consultation and medication.

BW Monastery offers a variety of Buddhist courses, including classes that promote the learning of “The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment”, also commonly known as Lamrim. These Buddhist classes focuses on the discussions and understandings of Buddhist concepts and encourages self-contemplation and reflection to improve on the inner selves.

All above is consistent with what Mr. Toh Soon Huat has been promoting, which are the 5 core values of Sian Chay: Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing, and the commitment of Sian Chay, to provide support the nation building and social harmony. We wish that everyone would work together to care for the vulnerable and needy by contributing money or effort. Mr. Toh often mentions the concept ” Nation Progresses, Family Prospers. Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation and Bonding with the People. ” to achieve a better society. It is an important way to return to the society with active participation in charity events organised by civic and community organisations, associations and community centres.