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Gratitude to the sponsorship of printing of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”

17 Jan 2019

Gratitude to the sponsorship of printing of “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”

Kindness requires inheritance, promotion and trust. Kindness requires the love from the heart. Precisely for this reason, Sian Chay was established and continued serving millions of residents for over a century.

Mr. Yap Seng Teck, Director of Sian Chay, said, “Since joining Sian Chay, I have learned a lot. The most important point is that we must have good team spirit in charity, work together and support each other so as to ensure that the Sian Chay spirit is sustainable and passed down from generation to generation.”

Mr. Patrick Khoo, Honourable Chairman of Sian Chay said, “Sian Chay Medical institution has grown stronger under the wise leadership of Chairman Toh Soon Huat. I am so moved to see Sian Chay helping more and more needy patients. The development of Sian Chay is respectable and admirable in all ways. I hope that after a few years, when you mention about Sian Chay, people will remember how many people Sian Chay has helped and saved, how many people have been given hope and lived strongly.”

Mr. Teo Ngiang Heng, Director of Sian Chay said, “Sian Chay not only has a high-quality service environment, but also sets high standards for every physician and staff. Initially, I decided to join Sian Chay because it was offering affordable medical services. After I became a member of Sian Chay, I realized that “giving” and “gain” are the best things in life.

Mr. Keak Lai Heng, Director of Sian Chay, said, “Sian Chay is an organization full of love. Everyone in Sian Chay is working very hard. I hope everyone can raise more funds through various platforms and bring warmth to the needy residents in Singapore.”

Mr. Chua Swee Wah, Director of Sian Chay, said, “Sian Chay was founded with the belief of caring for vulnerable groups and serving them with medical services. Sian Chay not only seeks to take care of everyone who needs medical help, but also to make everyone happy. I hope that people from all walks of life can fully support Sian Chay, support charity, and contribute to benefit the public.”

Ms. Cindy Ong, Managing Director of Singapore BSFIT Pte Ltd, said, “Mr. Toh Soon Huat has made a lot of contributions to the society, helped many people, changed many people’s lives, and made many people happy. His good deeds have influence us. We will combine the corporate culture of BSFIT and the spirit of Sian Chay to create a beautiful and happy society.”

Ms. Michelle Lu , Director of Sian Chay, said: “Sian Chay Medical Institution has achieved very rapid development under the co-operation of Chairman Toh Soon Huat, the directors and the benevolent people who care and support Sian Chay. We are delighted to see Sian Chay has 15 branches throughout the island, serving 1200 patients daily. Sian Chay will soon open the 16th branch. I hope that through our efforts, we can appeal to more kind people to participate in charity work, share the warmth with others and benefit the society!”

Mr. Yang Haidong, General Manager of Singapore BSFIT Pte Ltd, said, “I especially agree with Chairman Toh Soon Huat’s words ” Trust, Action, Attitude, Conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work.” This is also applicable to corporate and customer relations. Sian Chay is a century-old charity. We are willing to go forward with Sian Chay and spread love to the world!”

Mr. Guo Zhenwu of BSFIT said: “We not only focus on the beauty of appearance, but also more on the concept of health. I think that our philosophy is in harmony with the charity concept of Sian Chay Medical Institution. As an entrepreneur, we should give back to the society and take social responsibility. We should also do our utmost to help the disadvantaged groups and sustain the charity concept and deeds.”

In order to support Sian Chay Medical Institution and promote the spirit and culture of kindness, 叶成德、王美凤夫妇,邱汉春、许瑢椿夫妇,张仰兴、梁丽容夫妇,郭来兴、丁美瑛夫妇,蔡瑞华、卓芳存夫妇,黎俊伟、王莉晶夫妇,郭震武夫妇,吕燕萍女士、杨海东先 sponsored the printing of 16,300 copies of Mr. Toh Soon Huat’s new book “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”.

Thanks to everyone for the support. Gratitude and blessing!

We hope that more people will sponsor the printing of this book of kindness knowledge with depth and warmth, “Treasure Life, Gratitude to Humanity”. (Contact Amy: 93551866 WeChat: 276923781)