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Gratitude to you, sharing with you – “Sian Chay Medical Institution Staff exchange, upgrading, learning , gratitude session”

25 Jan 2019

Gratitude to you, sharing with you – “Sian Chay Medical Institution Staff exchange, upgrading, learning, gratitude session”

On 25th January, 2019 (Friday) at 1:00 pm, Sian Chay Medical Institution held it at the Pavilion Singapore Restaurant. The Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Toh Soon Huat, JP, specially hosted the event to thank the colleagues for their continuous efforts in the Sian Chay’s charity works, and also to commend on the outstanding employees in 2018. The directors who attended the session were: Dato’ Seri Dr.Derek Goh BBM, Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo PBM, Mr. Kenny Lim, Mr. Clifton Yong. Mr. Lou Peng, the benevolent ambassador of Sian Chay Medical Institution and Ms. Zhou Fan, the Founder of Singapore Fu Zhilin, also attended this event with 125 Sian Chay employees to celebrate a meaningful Chinese New Year ahead.

At the session, Chairman Toh Soon Huat shared with the Sian Chay family the patient visits and prescription dosages of the Sian Chay Medical Institution in the past year (2018), the annual growth rate, and the productivity of various indicators. He hopes that in near future, we can continue to work hard and contribute to the needy people and strive to serve more needy people and benefit the society. Later, the Directors of the Sian Chay Medical Institution, the benevolent ambassador, and Ms. Zhou Fan presented tokens of appreciation and gratitude hampers to the outstanding employees of the year (2018). The recognition ceremony was officially concluded at 5:00 pm. Every Sian Chay personnel received the New Year goodie bag, the New Year hongbao and the “Fu” calligraphy written by a professional calligrapher. Finally, everyone took a group photo to celebrate the New Year.

Thanks to the branch I/C physician:

Li Yizheng Dr. Lu Yanjuan Physician Huang Mei Fa

Dr. Huang Xinxiong, Dr. Chen Qiusheng, Dr. Chen Yuxi

Dr. Hu Yunyi, Dr. Chen Xiaoqing, Dr. Huang Duicai

Dr. Chen Zongfa Liao Biguan Physician Wu Weihao

Dr. Huang Liangwei, Dr. Liu Wensen, Dr. Wang Linhong


The best branch is:

535 Geylang Branch.


The winner of this recognition session is:

Dr. Chen Xiaoqing (Whampoa Branch).


This recognition for Outstanding physicians included:

Dr. Li Yizhen (610 Geylang );

Dr. Lu Yanjuan (535 Geylang Branch);

Huang Mei Fa (692 Geylang Branch);

Dr. Hu Yunyi (Pasir Ris West Branch);

Dr. Liao Biguan (Marsiling Branch);

Dr. Huang Liangwei (Punggol North Branch);

Dr. Wang Linhong (Moulmein-Cairnhill Branch).


The winners of the outstanding therapist award are:

Ke Yan Master (Whampoa Branch).


The recognition session for therapists are:

Master Lan Jianlong (Whampoa Branch).
Master Liu Jinqing (Boon Lay Branch);

The recognition session for the outstanding TCM assistants are:

Ms. Xu Huijuan (610 Geylang Branch);;

Ms. Wang Yuyu (610 Geylang Branch)

Ms. Zhou Yunzhen (692 Geylang Branch);

Ms. Zhang Peiqing (535 Geylang Branch);

Miss Weng Xiuyan (535 Geylang Branch);

Ms. Ding Meiyu (Whampoa Branch);

Ms. Zheng Yinrong (Whampoa Branch);

Ms. Zhou Lifang (Punggol Nortg Branch);

Ms. Wu Shuhui (Boon Lay Branch);

Miss Huang Jinchun (Pasir Ris West Branch);

Miss Lu Qiuping (Yio Chu  Kang Branch);

Thanks and congratulations to the 2018 award-winning Sian Chay employees. This time, I would like to commend the unrecognized family members. I hope that in the coming year, we will continue to work hard and serve with my heart. With the most grateful, professional, compassionate and most meticulous work attitude, I will serve the poor and sick. A hundred years of traditional Chinese medicine, thanks to you at all times Thank you all for your gratitude!@@@今天的新民日报。

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