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Guest of Honour Mr Kwek Hian Chuan Henry,MP for Nee Soon GRC

26 Nov 2017

Guest of Honour Mr Kwek Hian Chuan Henry,MP for Nee Soon GRC

Principals, Distinguished Guests, Good Evening, everyone!

United together with clear conscience and righteousness to foster positive energy. Justice and Selflessness form the basis of peaceful world and harmonious society.

Tonight everyone gathered here attending the concert, showing your care for Sian Chay. Thank you for supporting Sian Chay, working together in building a charity Chinese medical platform to serve the community.

I devoted fulltime to Philanthropy as the Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution for about 10 years.

Choosing Sian Chay out of compassion; acceptance out of forgiveness; responsibility out of fate; devotion out of gratitude; universal love out of life.

Sian Chay is currently serving over 1,200 patients daily at our 15 TCM branches. Our annual budget is $6 million.

Charity and Philanthropy are distinct form and substance respectively.

Charity has a choice and is optional. One can donate today but discontinue tomorrow. It is not permanent.

Philanthropy is permanent, responsibility and compassion. It is not a matter of choice or interest, it is about passion. Philanthropy is contribution and more contribution, gratitude and more gratitude.

In the past three and half years (2014- June 2017), Sian Chay has served over 730,000 patient visits and dispensed 1,560,000 dosages of prescription.

It is forecasted that in the next five years (2018-2022), Sian Chay is expected to serve 2.5 million patient visits and dispensed 4.8 million dosages of prescription.

We supported 4 Wellness Centres (Sengkang South, Boon Lay, Marsiling and Yio Chu Kang) with over 10,000 residents participating in physical and mental wellness activities.

Every donation of $10 could help to relief from pain and suffering and extending life span for one person will also help all family members. We hope to relieve them from suffering and pain; as well as to foster a blissful family life.

Trust, Action, Attitude and Conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work.

Over the years, Sian Chay has been actively promoting the development of philanthropy in Singapore and sowing the seeds of love. The belief is carved in the heart of every Sian Chay person and is also sown with Sian Chay’s love, expressing empathy and gratitude.

This is also the foundation of collaboration between Sian Chay and Volta, representing Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls High School,  Raffles Girls School and Raffles Institution, to organize this charity concert entitled “Love and Care Sian Chay Charity Concert”.

Arts is culturation. Arts is quality lifestyle, Aspiration of life, bright future and beauty.

Fund-raising is not the only purpose for Sian Chay to support thisconcert. It also aims to let more Singaporeans to know about Sian Chay and engage more young people in philanthropy with universal love and empathy.

To learn the philosophy of life, respect the teachers, filial piety, respect, sharing and commitment. Meanwhile, it also helps more needy Singaporeans and deliver the social welfare to them.

Sian Chay’s core values of “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing” are integrated as well into the daily behaviour of everyone. Contributing to a harmonious society.

A great nation is built by the contribution and participation of every individual. As long as everyone practises “From the society, For the society”. It is the responsibility of everyone to commit to the charity cause by taking care of the vulnerable social groups with labour or money.

“Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours.” The young generation is the future of the nation.

We hope to share Sian Chay’s charity TCM platform with more people through this event; so that more people will be aware and know of Sian Chay and to further improve Sian Chay.

Let us move forward with Sian Chay with more good deeds, more contributions to the society for benefiting the public and to create social harmony.

Regardless of Position or Status, only Compassion, Universal Love, Gratitude is Eternal.

On Behalf of Sian Chay, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to our Guest of Honour, the school management, principles, social organisation, entrepreneurs, benevolent persons and students for their supports and contribution.

Appreciation to Unusual Limited and Downtown East for their great assistance to this concert.

Wishing you a pleasant and memorable evening. Thank you!