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Heritage & Legacy of Sian Chay are with you.

16 May 2019
Heritage & Legacy of Sian Chay are with you.
Tablet : Sian Chay Medical Institution.
Benevolence is the virtue of benefiting mankind. Deligence in making every effort to make a difference.
The big tablet bearing ” Sian Chay Medical Institution” has become a prominent spot in the Head Office for everyone. There is a big photo here, and today I will share this special photo with you.
Please take a good look  –
I am sure that everyone is familiar with the guy with black-eyes standing in the middle. He has revived a hundred-years-old Sian Chay back to life and promotes its development so that Sian Chay will not be closed down in the last few years . There are now fifteen clinics islandwide, serving over 30,000 residents yearly. When one member of the family encountered problems, the other family members are also affected indirectly. In this way, we also helps over 30,000 families. During his ten years of service as Chairman of Sian Chay, he never received any remuneration and devoted all his time and energy to the charity cause of Sian Chay. Mr. Toh Soon Huat was appointed a Justice of Peace  by President of Singapore, Mdm. Halimah Yacob.
The old gentleman on the left hand side of Chairman Toh Soon Huat is Mr. Teo Kim Chuan, Honourable Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution . He is the mentor of Mr. Toh Soon Huat at Sian Chay Medical Institution . He ” searched extensively ” to headhunt Mr. Toh to join Sian Chay Medical Institution. Later, he said that if Mr Toh did not take over the Board of Directors, the 100-year old Sian Chay may close down, and he will be sorry to the pioneers of the Sian Chay Medical Institution .
 Mr. Teo Kim Chuan often said to people: “I am very fortunate to hand over Sian Chay to the right person “Toh Soon Huat “. He has done a good job and has lived up to the hopes and trusts of his predecessors.
Chairman Toh often shared: The most important thing is to find the right person to do the right job. We all understand this truth, but in reality, finding the right person is not an easy task.
The other two persons are the two veteran physicians of Sian Chay . They are not only good at the Chinese medicine practice, but are also very dedicated persons. You see, the physician who wears glasses is 73 years old this year, and she is diligent at 610 Geylang branch for over 35 years. Currently, she is still serving and saving patients every day. Sometimes, over 60 patients are treated in a day with compassion and no complaints.
Physician Hoo Giam Gwee, who is standing next to the Chairman, is 74 years old. Physician Hoo has served in Sian Chay for 37 years. His acupuncture therapy is very popular. Many stroke patients have fully recovered and don’t  need any walking aids or wheelchairs and can walk normally.
The two physicians are the heroes of Sian Chay and the witnesses of the development of Sian Chay . They have no regrets and devoted over 30 years of their prime time to Sian Chay , the guardians of the clinic . They are guardians of Sian Chay family ” and role models for everyone.
 The history of Sian Chay is even greater because of their silent dedication and contribution. They make today’s Sian Chay bright forever!