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Home care service — ‘Keeping Hope Alive~’

28 Apr 2019

Home care service — ‘Keeping Hope Alive~’.

On 28th April 2019 (Sunday), Sian Chay  Medical Institution and the “Keeping Hope Alive” charity group jointly provided a series of free services for senior citizens including gifts, haircuts, manicures, tuina, Sian Chay tote bags and clothes. At 7.30am, two colleagues from Sian Chay Medical Institution led six tuina therapists and Mr. Kelvin Toh, a kind-hearted person from Sian Chay Medical Institution, were in the advance party for the tuina service. The elderly queued up at each service station. The free tuina service by Sian Chay Medical Institution commenced at 8am. Every elderly received a free tuina and a tote bag given by Sian Chay. The elderly are full of smiles and full of praises for Sian Chay. During the tuina service, Sian Chay Medical Institution also assisted the low-income single elderly to apply for waiver of medical charges at Sian Chay. The Sian Chay Medical Institution services were introduced to elderly who are advised to visit the nearest TCM clinic. At 10.00am, in view of the hot weather, the tuina therapists and the Keeping Hope Alive Team visited the vicinity and rendered homecare service to the less mobile elderly including tuina therapy, pest control, bed replacement and manicure as well as installed an emergency call bell on their walking aids.

The elder care service ended at 11.30 am. The Sian Chay Medical Institution provided free tuina services to nearly 70 seniors, and distributed 120 tote bags and Sian Chay brochures. Sian Chay Medical Institution has actively participated in various charitable activities to promote health awareness and encourage healthy lifestyle activities. Since its establishment, Sian Chay Medical Institution has been providing medical services to the community regardless of race, religion or nationality. Brochures in four official languages are being distributed throughout the island to let more people know about Sian Chay and share the charitable resources and services of Sian Chay. Professional hairdressers are engaged to give regular haircuts to the elderly at the various branches; food and essential packs were distributed; walking-aid umbrellas were given islandwide etc. Mr. Toh Soon Huat, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, has been in the charity work for over 20 years.

His charity experiences were complied into   4 books, “Treasure Life, Grateful Life”, “Road”, the new edition of “Gratefulness”, and the old edition of “Gratefulness” which are displayed at the branches for seniors to read. Thus, paying attention to the holistic development of the physical and mental health of senior citizens. Thanks to the ‘Keeping Hope Alive’ team. Thank you for your long-term service and dedication to the elderly; thank you Mr. Kelvin Toh for his enthusiastic help for this event; thanks the tuina therapists for their patience and professional service, your love, kindness and compassion will make the charity journey even brighter, thank you all!