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Hymn of Love, Sound of Love Between the Hearts

23 Nov 2018

Hymn of Love, Sound of Love Between the Hearts

——Er Hu Master George Gao Meet the Press Session

On 23rd November (Friday), “Er Hu Master George Gao Sian Chay Music Charity Concert> Meet the Press Session ” was held at Sian Chay Medical Institution HQ to convey the sound of love to the society.

At 2pm, Director Michelle Lu led the Er Hu Master Mr. George Gao , international musicians Mr. Shane Cook, Mr. Kyle Waymouth and international dancer Ms. Sarah Robinson to visit Sian Chay  610 Geylang Main branch; and they improvised a beautiful piece of music to entertain the elderly patients. Mr. George Gao and the international young artistes also presented their loving music to them and took group photos with the elderly.

At 3 pm, Mr. George Gao met the major media in Singapore. Firstly, Chairman Toh Soon Huat expressed his gratitude to Mr. George Gao and the musicians for visiting Sian Chay Medical Institution. He said, “I am very grateful to Mr. George Gao and the musicians for travelling a long distance to Singapore to support the charity cause of Sian Chay Medical Institution. I am also very grateful to Ms.Michelle Lu Yan for organizing the Er Hu Master George Gao Music Charity Concert. Thanks for her contribution of $100,000 and sponsorship of the air tickets and accommodation expenses for the musicians. Thanks for her dedication to the charity cause of Sian Chay Medical Institution.”

Mr. George Gao said that in 2016, as a guest performer, he participated in the Sian Chay Charity Gala Dinner and Concert for the first time. This concert is the second time he is working with Sian Chay Medical Institution. He felt very honored to once again do his part for charity after two years. Music has no borders. It conveys true feelings and warmth and promotes social harmony. He hoped that he could help more needy people through his own efforts.

Ms. Michelle Lu , Chairperson of Organizing Committee, said, “I see Chairman Toh working very hard for charity and I feel he is shouldering a heavy burden. As a Director of the Sian Chay Medical Institution, I believe that I have to bear my responsibility to contribute to charity. I am very excited and happy to organize such a charity concert. George Gao is the world’s top Er Hu master. I am grateful to him for bringing the musicians from Canada to support our charity. I am also very delighted to do my part for Sian Chay Medical Institution. I will work harder to contribute to charity in the future and help Chairman Toh ease his burden.”

Sian Chay provides free TCM consultation services to the community regardless of race, religion, and nationality. (The elderly holding PG card enjoy full waiver of charges . The needy patients can also apply for waiver of charges.) Currently, Sian Chay has 15 branches serving about 1,200 patient visits daily. Sian Chay supports four wellness centres, serving 10,000 residents yearly, bringing message of kindness to more than 10,000 families.

Helping a person is equivalent to helping a family. If anyone fall sick, the mood of the family will be affected. Our mission is to help patients get relief from suffering, relieve their pain, and create a healthy and happy family and a harmonious society. And these are also adhering to the charity spirit of Sian Chay: Trust, Action, Attitude, Conduct for the integrity and virtues of charity work.

The artistic forms of the 5,000-year-old splendid Chinese culture are colourful and marvelous, among which Traditional Chinese Medicine is one with a long history and great significance and responsibility. It alleviates the suffering of many people, creates many harmonious families and happiness. Maintaining the sincere kindness of the society. Sian Chay also actively participates in community charity activities, promotes health awareness, encourages wellness activities, and plans to conduct Chinese language classes for non-Chinese residents to let them appreciate the Chinese culture. We should encourage mutual exchanges, interactions, and sharing resources with each other so as to foster racial harmony and a harmonious and beautiful society.

Once again, the Chairman thank Er Hu Master Mr. George Gao as well as the musicians for their kind support. Thanks to the Director of the Sian Chay Medical Institution and the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Ms. Michelle Lu for her contribution and dedication to the charity concert. Thanks to the journalists for their kind attendance. Let us meet again at “Er Hu Master George Gao Music Charity Concert”.

Gratitude and blessing to everyone!