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“Joyful Carnival Charity Night 2019”

24 Mar 2019

“Joyful Carnival Charity Night 2019”

Sunday, 24th March 2019

On the evening of 24th March, Royal Lions Club of Singapore successfully organised ” Joyful Carnival Charity Night 2019″ at the Golden Theatre. The event was planned and organised by Dr. Felix Ong.

Dr Felix Ong and Mdm Siow Lee Choo have heard about Chairman Toh Soon Huat for years and they admired him very much after knowing more about him. In order to further support the charity cause of Sian Chay as well as the benevolence of Mr. Toh Soon Huat, the couple donated $10,000 to Sian Chay Medical Institution at the event.

Every $10,000 donation can sponsor 1,000 elderly patients to receive free consultation, medication, and tuina therapy at Sian Chay. Helping one person is equivalent to helping one family. If any family member falls sick, the life and mood of the whole family will be greatly affected and impacted. Helping a family brings happiness to everyone around him. We hope to help patients get relieved from suffering, relieve their pains, foster happy and healthy families and a harmonious society. Let us make everyone feel the warmth as they live in this country.

Mr. Toh Soon Huat, a full-time volunteer Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, has participated in the charity events of the Lions Club for over 20 years. He is also a Life member of the International Lions Club, a Vice President of Royal Lions Club of Singapore, and was awarded the Lions Club Contribution Medal. At this event, Chairman Toh Soon Huat personally donated $3,000 to the Lions Club. He shared, “Charity cause needs everybody’s support and the grateful heart is infinitely bright.” He also said that,” I would like to thank Dr. Felix Ong, Mdm. Seow Lee Choo and all the performers of Royal Lions Club of Singapore for their support to the event and their love for Sian Chay Medical Institution. The famous comedy trio王雷、阳光可乐、郑盈盈 were the emcees of the carnival night. Charity Singing King Jackson Teo, Malaysian Singing King 庄学忠, 黄钜铨、杨芊红、承泽、黄秀萍 and other artistes brought their brilliant performances on the stage.