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Kindness benefits the public, with priceless love

31 Oct 2017

Kindness benefits the public, with priceless love

31st October, 2017 (Tuesday)

On 31st October, Mr. C. K. Chew, Managing Director of Framework Building Products Pte Ltd and his wife personally presented a special charity donation cheque ($12,000) Sian Chay Medical Institution at the Headquaters.

Mr. Chew is a good friend of Mr. Patrick Khoo PBM for many years, who is the Honourable Chairman of Sian Chay. He learnt from Mr. Khoo about Sian Chay as a Charity platform serving the public, and from press as well about the compassion of Sian Chay in opening branches in the constituencies  to serve  residents. It was reported that the donation was ¼ of their son’s wedding hongbaos. They have donated all the hongbaos they have received to four charities for helping the poor in their respective programmes.

Philanthropy is a faith, a dedication. The devotion of kindness is a seed of love in the spring and to gain harvest in autumn, which brings peace of mind. This has always been the spirit that Sian Chay promotes; “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. To support nation building and foster social harmony. Sian Chay actively promotes the belief that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.” We hope that more people join us to plant the seeds of love and to harvest the fruits of future love in Singapore.

We sincerely thank Mr. Chew and his wife for their benevolence. And our sincere congratulations to the sweet couple. May the spring of their love flow forever! The evergreen tree of love!

Wishing their family happiness, good health and every success!