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Legacy of Mother’s Noble Character , Filial Son’s inheritance of her Grace

22 Oct 2017

Legacy of Mother’s Noble Character , Filial Son’s inheritance of her Grace

Mdem Tang Li Kiang, mother of Dato Sri Teo Kiang AngPBM and grandmother of Dr. Teo Hark Piang PBM, passed away on 22nd October. Mdm Tang had always educated her children with her selflessness, hard-working, kind and sincere smiling spirits. With a mother’s tenderness and strength, she taught the family the right attitude toward life. No matter how hard the life was, she never forgot to adhere to kindness and love. She let her children feel the positive energy, understand the plight of the bottom line under difficulties, appreciate the society in good times. Her words and deeds brought sunshine and warmth to the community.

To commemorate the mother’s great spirit, noble character, and kindness of keeping the poor in mind, Dato’ Sri Teo Kiang Ang and his family decided to donate all their condolence donations to Sian Chay Medical Institution to help more elderly; and for the mother to rest in peace.

It was reported that the total condolence donations was $100,000 which will be used to subsidize 10,000 elderly patients receiving free Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments at Sian Chay, relieving them from pain, gaining happiness and foster a blissful family! Teo Family’s benevolence and compassion fosters endless benefits.

A mother influences a family, a family influences a community, a community influences a country, a country influences the world. Currently, Sian Chay has 15 branches and 4 wellness centres islandwide to provide the community with free TCM consultation, subsidized medication , tuina therapy and full range of services. Sian Chay is committed to provide the elderly with timely and convenient medical treatment for their well-being, happiness, blissfulness through the golden ages. It was the influence of these great mothers who made Sian Chay, developed Sian Chay and brought more sunshine to Singapore society. Just like the core values and belief that Sian Chay has always been adhering to, which are “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”, and that “To cooperate with nation building and foster social harmony ” and that “ Trust, Action, Attitude, Conduct.” Sian Chay actively promotes its beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People ” by providing strong support to charity causes, actively participate in activities organized by community organisations , civic groups and community centres to give back to society.

Notwithstanding any adversity, join us with the faith of love. Kindness and love will grow in our journey.