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Lighting Up The Path Of Charity With Art

17 Jan 2019

Lighting Up The Path Of Charity With Art

17 January 2019 (Thursday), 9am-4pm

Sian Chay Medical Institution had the honour of inviting renowned youth artist Ms. Huang Huifen to our Marsiling branch where she held two classes for the young and old spanning across three generations, guiding attendees on colour painting and the making of Lunar New Year greeting cards.

Ms. Huang is a Bruneian who enjoys fame through her portrait paintings. She mastered her art from famous artists in France, Italy and the United States. Her classic works include paintings of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yes, Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong as well as former president Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tan.

During the December school holidays, Sian Chay and Ms. Huang took the opportunity to spread the spirit of expressing gratitude through paintings that add colours to life. This event marked the end of 2018 as we welcomed 2019 with joy and eager anticipation!

We understand the students who participated in the painting lessons belonged to the pioneer generation of which most were beginners. Under the careful and patient guidance from Ms. Huang, the students completed their assignments with distinction!

Ms. Huang chose to guide her students using a creative approach whereby the freedom of expression was encouraged. Her methods broke through traditional boundaries by allowing her students to first organize their thoughts before putting “pen to paper” thereafter amending the paintings according to her guidance. The colours used were in accordance with the choice of the students – a bold move – without restrictions.

At the end of the lessons, all the students were extremely satisfied with their masterpieces that were finally framed up and put up as showpieces at their respective homes.