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Love starts from our hearts, Appreciation to all Sian Chay Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner

09 Feb 2018

Love starts from our hearts, Appreciation to all Sian Chay Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner

9th February 2018 (Friday)

Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing

Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours. Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People.

Trust, action, attitude and conduct form the integrity and virtues of charity work.

–Mr. Toh Soon Huat

On 9th February at 7.30pm,  Sian Chay held its Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner at Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant. Dr. Yeo Guat Kwang, Hon. Advisor of Sian Chay, was the Guest of Honour. The guests included Honourable Chairman Mr. Chia Chor Meng JP,BBM, Mr Ang Chin Koon PBM, Mr. Chu Chee Keong, Mr. Teo Kim Chuan, Honorary Chairman Mr. Teo Sang Chew, Mr. Teo Nyang Huat, Mdm. Tan Chai Woon, Mr. Lim Kok Siong, Honorary Director Dr. Ho Leng Woon and Mr. Tay Kim Sze, Charity Ambassador Mr. Lee Wei Shiong and Mr. Lee Shih Shiong and Benevolent Ambassador Mdm. Ma Yafang, Ms. Shen Xiao Yan and Mr. Roger Poon, Executive Chairman Mr. Toh Soon Huat BBM,PVPA, Vice Chairman Dr. Keak Lai Heng PBM, Secretary Mr. Chua Swee Wah, Treasurer Dato’ Seri Teo Ngiang Heng PBM, Vice Treasurer Dr Yap Seng Teck, Director Mr. Kenny Lim Oon Cheng, Mr. Cui Peng, etc. Sian Chay’s Physicians, therapists, TCM assistants, volunteers, media friends and sponsors also attended the event, bringing the total number of participants to around 260.

Chairman Toh Soon Huat said, “Pioneers sow the seeds and we reap the harvest.” He highly appreciated that pioneers of Sian Chay established the platform to allow all to do good deeds . He said, “Sian Chay is a social enterprise and managed by the society to serve the society.” He called all to share charity resources and to serve the public through Sian Chay’s Traditional Chinese Medicine platform.

Since 2018, Sian Chay Medical Institution has collaborated with Yi Shi Yuan Pte Ltd from Singapore to promote a range of 13 types of health supplement products. This collaboration will not only bring additional income for Sian Chay to support its operation cost, but also, help patients to get better and gain access to affordable healthcare as well. Sian Chay will recommend suitable product to patients according to their physical conditions and health needs.

Mr. Toh said, “During my childhood, I didn’t know why my parents would get up so early day after day, whether sunny or rainy, whether sound or sick. When I grew up and experienced all these, I started to understand that it was not the alarm clock or the work that wakes them up, but It was life, responsibility, love, devotion, contribution, inheritance and greatness.”

Mr. Teo Kim Chuan, Honourable Chairman, is the mentor for Mr. Toh Soon Huat to join Sian Chay. He has introduced our leader who transformed the century-old Sian Chay with vitality. He said: “I finally persuaded Soon Huat to take over after 4 sincere attempts. If he didn’t take over the Board of directors, the century-long Sian Chay would have to come to an end. And It would be impossible to foresee the development of Sian Chay up to today with 15 branches and helping thousands of seniors in Singapore. Chairman Toh did a great job. We, the old directors, are not only trusting, assured, but also proud of him and hope everyone can be like him!”

Physician Lee Geok Kea, who has been serving in Sian Chay for more than 30 years, said, “I am so grateful to Sian Chay for letting me practice TCM here. We used to have only four staff, but we have grown to more than 100 now. I am grateful to Chairman Toh’s leadership and devotion.”

Physician Hoo Gian Gwee shared: “I have been in Sian Chay for more than thirty years. Recalling the past, Sian Chay has changed greatly from early years to present, from only one branch to 15 now. All these are credited to Chairman Toh, who worked for Sian Chay and for patients, day and night for past ten years, with endless devotion. Sian Chay’s core values, beliefs and spirit, are initiatives we never had before. Appreciation to Chairman, appreciation to all!”

Physician Lu Yan Juan said: “Patients at Branch 535 are with special conditions. Our team is very attentive to taking care of them. Appreciation to the encouragement from Chairman, and from everyone. I hope to go further.”

Reporter Mr Leong Wen Kam from The Strait Times messaged to Mr. Toh, “It was my honour to be invited to the Chinese New Year Dinner of Sian Chay last night. After the sharing of yours, several former directors, physicians and volunteers, I was deeply touched with tears. It’s amazing! Keep on moving! The ambience of last night was especially warm and the performances were well arranged. Everyone enjoyed it. I wish you a happy new year, good health and again, success on every endeavour !”

Later on at the dinner, Long Service Award certificates were presented to long-term committed friends of Sian Chay, including:


Ms. Wang Lijing, Mr. Li Wei, Managing Directors of BSFIT (Singapore) Holdings Pte Ltd

Mdm. Wang Lijun, Yocorn Food enterprise Pte Ltd


Mr. Xing Gu Yi,  Lianhe Zaobao

Mr. Tan Lye Chwee, Lianhe Wanbao

Mr. Leong Wen Kam

Singapore FOZL Group Pte Ltd

Singapore Tong

Singapore Red Scarf


Lucky Media

Wang Learning Center

Se7en Media

Physicians in charge of branch clinics

Lee Geok Kea, Lu Yan Juan, Ng Bee Huat, Ng Seng Hiong, Liu Wen Sen, Leow Pit Kuan, Foo Vin Ngee, Chen Xiao Qing, Wong Toh Chai, Kwok Yew Sing, Tan Soon Boey, Huang Qi, Chen Yu Xuan, Wang Lin Hong, Tan Jock Tiew

Excellent Physicians and Volunteers

Best physician    Lu Yan Juan

Best therapist     Lei Choi Peng

Excellent physicians:

Ong Swee Keow, Ng Seng Hiong, Ng Wai Hoe, Leow Pit Kuan

Good Service Award:

Zhang Mei Jun, Lin Mei Feng, Xu Li Feng, Xu Jin Xia, Zhang Pei Qing, Zhuang Mei Feng

Volunteer Service  Award: Zhang Bin, Xu Lei

NCSS Long Service Award to supporters of Sian Chay and Directors

Long Service Award 5 Years:

Honourable Chairmen Mr Chia Chor Meng JP BBM, Mr Neo Kah Kiat PBM, Mr Ang Chin Koon PBM, Mr Chu Chee Keong, Mr Eric Ng Ee Wah, Mr Thomas Bon Ween Foong.

Honorary Chairmen Mr. Heng Chian Thye, Mr. Yap Kian Hin, Mr. Lim Joo Song, Mr. Lim Siak Heng.

Charity Ambassadors Mr Johnny Ong, Mr Leslie Ong

Director Dr Simon Keak Lai Heng PBM

Long Service Award 10 Years:

Board Member Mr.Raymond Chua Swee Wah, Honorary Chairman Mr. Gui Boon Sui, Mr. Lee Hong Lee, Mr. Lim Kok Siong, Dr. Ong Kim Huat, Ms. Ong Poh Kim

Long Service Award 15 Years: Sian Chay Medical Institution Chairman Toh Soon Huat

Long Service Award 25 Years: Sian Chay Honorable Chairman Mr. Teo Kim Chuan

Mr. Yeo Guat Kwang shared, “From just one branch to 15, from unknown to known, it was not an easy job for Sian Chay. Mr Toh contributed a lot and hope he will keep going and help the public.”

During the event, videos of “Sian Chay Love Charity Gala Dinner 2016”, “Love D Sian Chay (July 8, 2017)”, “Sian Chay Warm May Appreciation on Mother’s Day”, comments on Chairman Toh from President Halimah on “Relief” program, etc. were played. The touching scenes moved hearts of everyone present.

Charity Ambassadors Mr. Lee Wei Shiong and Mr. Lee Shih Shiong, Golden Melody King Jay Lim, and Malaysia charity singer Wilson Tin led all in singing the theme song of Sian Chay, “Sian Chay-Happiness”, “Friends”, “Grateful Heart”. Wilson Tin especially performed New Year’s song “Spring wind kissed my face” and “The moon showed my heart”. Jay Lim performed “Legend” and “Voice of nobody”.

Familiar faces kept in mind, happy songs around ears. It’s the heart of kindness and devotion that never changed.

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