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08 Apr 2018


8 April, 2018

The Marsiling Citizens’ Consultative Committee organized a “Marsiling Kindness Project” carnival at the Marsiling Community Club.

This event was first created by President Halimah Yacob when she was the MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC.  Her aim was to encourage residents to cultivate a spirit of caring for each other, and to spread the messages of love, kindness and mutual help, so as to build a warm & caring Marsiling community.

This exactly coincides with the five core values of Sian Chay, which are : “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”, as well as with Sian Chay Chairman Dr Toh Soon Huat’s ideal of : “when there is good within the nation, there will be giving within its people”, “take to love like taking to water, universal love knows no border!”.  This is why Sian Chay was very happy to provide 5 senior and skillful Tuina Therapists,  to offer free Tuina massage service for Marsiling’s residents on the event day.

About 400 senior citizens as well as their family members and volunteers participated in this community event.  Participants were treated to free Tuina massage, haircut, health check,ice cream,pop-corn and recreational game provided on-site, as well as a sumptuous lunch !

Sian Chay’s Tuina station already saw a long queue even before the event’s opening time at 11am. Once the event started,  our station experienced a bustling crowd with streams of people of all ages and races flowing in without stopping.

As the Tuina Station was jam-packed, in order to spread out the flow of participants, we took the organizer’s advice to pause our service for a while around lunch hour.

Bursts of laughter & hearty conversation were emerging from our Tuina Station where the therapists interacted with the residents with the hope of enthusing them with an interest in health and wellness. Our staff also took the opportunity to introduce Sian Chay’s unique wellness massage service , and encouraged residents to visit our Clinics for free consultation.

The residents were all full of praise for Sian Chay’s Tuina service :

– A Malay resident Mr Bohari applauded : “This is really “Shiok” ! It is the best massage I have ever experienced!”

– Ms Gao from China also praised : “This is truly masterly ! It’s even better than those in our homeland!”

– Mr Kamal, one of the organizers, exclaimed :  “Sian Chay’s Tuina service is really wonderful ! We must have them back every year!”

Sian Chay resumed Tuina service after lunch, and on that day benefited close to 80 residents from all all walks of life and ethnic groups.

MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Mr Zaqy Mohamad visited the event site and interacted with the participants. In this speech, he emphasized the importance of promoting love, kindness and mutual help in the community, in order to enhance social cohesion.

This is precisely what Sian Chay’s Chairman Dr Toh Soon Huat hopes to achieve by participating in such community activities: through our concrete actions, not only to relieve the pain & suffering of the residents through our unique Tuina service, but also to permeate Sian Chay’s spirit of love & care into the hearts of the residents, and demonstrate our philosophy of “Giving back to the society what we take from it, by taking care of the disadvantaged in our midst”.

Thereafter, Mr Zaqy visited the Tuina station, took photos with residents who were receiving the massage, and praised Sian Chay for its charitable spirit of selfless contribution.