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Message from Chairman Mr. Toh Soon Huat JP, BBM, PVPA

22 May 2018

Message from Chairman
Mr. Toh Soon Huat JP, BBM, PVPA
Executive Chairman of Sian Chay Board of Directors
2015 President Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award (PVPA) Winner

Charity is true love because it is sincere, compassionate, grateful, bright, and priceless; charity is a kind of intrinsic value, a kind of emotion, a kind of learning, a kind of self-cultivation. It brings energy to life, and it embodies the value of life. Art originates from culture, from taste, and from the perception of life and beauty. This is an essential talent for every artist, especially for fine arts, and Dr. Tsao Sui-Lan was one of them.

Born in Guangzhou, China, Dr. Tsao Sui-Lan immigrated abroad after 1937 and became a Singapore citizen in 1956. Since childhood, she loved art, studied Chinese strokes and finger paintings for decades. She spent tens of years in Sogetsu School of Ikebana and been awarded the eighth highest-level teacher’s diploma RIJI from International Sogetsu School of Ikebana Institute in Japan. She also won the award from Paris American Academy in France (further art study in Paris). She left the world with pieces of artwork that reflects her exploration of art for many years and also inspires later generations. Although she passed away in 2017, her spirit had not left us half a journey. The path she had explored for future generations deserves our memory forever.

To commemorate the late JCI Senator To’ Puan Dr. Tsao Sui Lan, the Patron of the JCI Singapore, JCI Senator Dato’ Dr. Tan Hian-Tsin and his family supported the establishment of To’ Puan Dr. Tsao Sui Lan Memorial Endowment Fund to support needy patients to seek TCM consultation and medication at Sian Chay. The initial donation of $2 million for the Memorial Endowment Fund is pledged by Dato’ Dr. Tan Hian-Tsin. In addition, Dato’ Dr. Tan Hian-Tsin will also donate the private art collection by To’ Puan Dr. Tsao Sui Lan to Sian Chay for subsequent fundraising for the Memorial Endowment Fund. Let the spirit of philanthropy ignite as To’ Puan Dr. Tsao Sui Lan’s art continues to inspire us.

Singapore’s population is ageing rapidly. The ageing population means that the burden of chronic diseases is increasing and getting more complex. The Traditional Chinese Medicine is a good treatment method. It can reduce the pain and relax the body through traditional methods. The demand will be great in the near future. Sian Chay Medical Institution has always adhered to the five core values: “Forgiveness, Universal Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Blessing”. To support the nation building and promote social harmony, Sian Chay Medical Institution actively promotes its beliefs that “Nation Progresses, Family Prospers; Family Harmony, Successful Endeavours”, and that “Forward with the Nation, Bonding with the People”. Sian Chay supports social charity causes and actively participates in charity activities organized by community organisations, civic groups and community centres to pay back to the society.

It has already attracted many non-Chinese residents to our clinics and has also received the support, guidance, and encouragement from the President of Singapore, Mdm Halimah Yacob. However, it is not easy to sustain the rising medical costs. I would hereby express my gratitude to the Patrons of JCI Singapore, who have been giving us support: especially JCI Senator Dato’ Dr. Tan Hian-Tsin and his family, as well as JCI Senator Dato’ Seri Dr. Derek Goh BBM and his family. Thank you all! Your benevolent deeds and generous donation will inspire Sian Chay to go further on charity!

“Trust, Action, Attitude, and Conduct” form the integrity and virtues of charity work in Sian Chay. We must treat charity as a commitment and treat needy individuals with humility. Try to be in others’ shoes, see our own responsibility from others’ difficulty, learn to tolerate and forgive others and take courage. This is not only a kind of compassion but also self-cultivation that will bring warmth and love to the family.

Charity and philanthropy are two different conceptions, levels and realms. Charity is about likes and dislikes, casual and dispensable. If you want to donate today, you do it. If you don’t want to donate tomorrow, you just don’t do it. This is called charity, casual and dispensable. Philanthropy is qualitative, commitment, compassion, not optional, not about likes or dislikes, only about consistent devotion and gratitude.

In recent years, Sian Chay has actively participated in community and charity activities to promote wellness lifestyle and encourage blissful living. We also offer Mandarin conversational courses for non-Chinese residents. At the same time, we have widely distributed leaflets in four official languages ​​so that all ethnic groups can understand Sian Chay better and enjoy its TCM services. As a result, more non-Chinese residents can understand Chinese culture. We can communicate with each other, interact with each other, share resources, and promote racial harmony, creating a harmonious society. Sian Chay has gained widespread acceptance through the community activities, eg free haircut services for elderly at the branches, free art courses by renowned artists for the community, goodie bags for low income families etc. May I urge everyone to share our charity resources and serve the community via Sian Chay’s charity TCM platform.

On behalf of Sian Chay Medical Institution and its beneficiaries, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Dato’ Dr. Tan Hian-Tsin and his family. Let our beneficiaries experience the true affection of the world. Warm their hearts with universal love and kindness!

Wishing everyone good health, career success, and good luck.

Gratitude and blessing!