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Ming’s eyes on successful business person, Ming’s loving heart to Sian Chay

27 Dec 2016

“Ming’s eyes on successful business person, Ming’s loving heart to Sian Chay”

Articles by the veteran Chinese reporter Mr Tee Ming San, in the Sunday financial feature column of Lianhe Zaobao, have been compiled and published into a book entitled ” Men at the Helm” .

Mr Tay Ming San, former editor of financial news section of ZaoBao, after 12 years of his previous book ” Oei Hong Leong’s Biography: from educated urban youth at the countryside to billionaire”, now published a whole new financial book, which has 360 pages in total, including 5 parts; namely, “Passing the fire”, “Top wealthy”, “Industry supreme”, “Unconventional heroes” and “Style chapter”. The book featured nearly 100 well-known entrepreneurs from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore, as well as SME bosses from both the old and new generation.

“Doing business is like fighting in a battle, which relies on strategy to win. In today’s competitive business arena, powerful forces are numerous. These interviewed bosses, not only stand firm in the fight with courage , but also become the business leader in this business environment. They surely have their courage, intelligence, strategies and secrets. Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. Whether you are experienced, or just beginner or even not involved in business yet, as long as you are determined to be a successful businessman, you will surely be enlightened after finishing this book.”

Mr. Lim Jim Koon, Chief Editor of the Chinese newspaper, said: “Ming San has interviewed a number of financial leaders for Zaobao. He showed the reader the real personalities who are powerful and yet mysterious in business ; so that the public are able to see their styles, to learn from their knowledge and experiences to do business, and even to glance at their personal side, which liven up a lot of interesting stories to the ‘boring’ financial section to become an attractive feature of ZaoBao, getting many non-financial readers.

“His reports, in addition to greatly enrich the content of ZaoBao, provide SME bosses with ready-made business textbooks. For them, these interviews are like a forum for successful or failure business experiences, bringing together the industry’s top wisdom, and are valuable repository from which you can compare and learn from. ”

Mr. Lin Xiang Xiong, President of Global Chinese Arts&Culture Society said, “I believe in this book to be a classical one for start-up for the Chinese from different countries, regions and economic zones from all over the world. At the same time, it will witness the specific era and economic fields for younger generations. Perhaps, some who are struggling in the dark sea of business will regard it as a voyage’s lighthouse.”

Mr. Tay has spent 30 years in the editorial work of financial news of Zaobao. He graduated from Nanyang University of Singapore and studied in Paris and New York for many years. He will donate the book’s nett proceeds to the local charity TCM Group, Sian Chay Medical Institution.