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Ms. Catherine Koh’s 60th birthday celebration

29 Sep 2019

On Sunday, 29th September evening, Ms. Catherine Koh’s 60th birthday celebration was held in Marriott Hotel. The birthday dinner was graced by Mr Toh Soon Huat JP, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, as Guest of Honour and he said: truthful benevolent persons, bright vision and righteousness, positive energy, the world is selfless and public, a peaceful and harmonious society.

So today we are gather together through the positive energy of Ms Catherine Koh. Mr. Kelvin Toh, a benevolent person from Sian Chay Medical Institution and Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo, Director of Sian Chay Medical Institution, together with 160 guests attended the birthday dinner to wish Ms Catherine Koh a happy birthday together ! Sian Chay Medical Institution also prepared 160 love packs for the guests attending the birthday dinner. Ms. Catherine said that she has attended in Mr. Kelvin Toh’s 56th birthday dinner and was inspired by Mr. Kelvin Toh to organize a charity 60th birthday banquet to share the joy with everyone and contribute to charity. Therefore, Ms. Catherine Koh donated all hongbaos amounting to $11,560 to Sian Chay Medical Institution as working funds.  What is affectionate is that a good-hearted person, Mr Phua Cheng Foo, was particularly inspired after listening to Mr. Toh Soon Huat sharing the story of Medical Institution.

He immediately donated $11560  matching the same amount of hongbao . Sian Chay Medical Institution therefore received a total of $23,120 charity donations at this charity birthday dinner. Ms Xia Kaijun was invited to go on stage to speak. She shared that she admired  Chairman Toh’s dedication to the charity cause of Sian Chay for over 10 years, so she personally composed a song, “Run, Sian Chay! ” and sang to everyone. On the evening, Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo,  Sian Chay director, also sang a few songs for the birthday girl, wishing her a happy birthday and evergreen. At the end of the birthday banquet, all the guests present sang “Happy Birthday” and wished Ms. Catherine Koh a happy birthday and good luck!

Thanks to Ms. Catherine Koh for hosting this charity birthday dinner , let everyone gather together for benevolence; gratitude to Kelvin Toh for helping to organise this charity birthday dinner; thanks to the generousity of the benevolent person Mr. Phua Cheng Foo; thank all the guests, blessing to everyone!